How to Hack Into Any Computer





Introduction: How to Hack Into Any Computer

Step 1: What You Need

all you need is a machete and a computer.

Step 2: Start Hacking

Start hacking away at the computer with the machete.

Step 3: Done.

You have now hacked into the computer.



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I was thinking about runong crosh to see the admin at my school, but ha ha very punny

is not this type of hack am talking of

Wow! thx! that was awesome!!

Ooookay, yeah, that's kinda not what I meant by hack...

sooo where to we get this machete "program"? i checked my local hardware store they dont sell them here in australia

2 replies

lumber yard? Maybe camping supply store? Or just order them online at the one in the pic looks just like the arm surplus one I bought when I was 10 years old. I cracked the handle so made new scales for it with a layer of white nylon 1/16" thick followed by brown micarta and used solid aluminum rod to rivet it together in shop class at school. That was 45 years ago and it still hacks stuff quite well. Just need to sharpen from time to time. Though I've never tried it on a computer. Have to put that on my bucket list.

Try the international machete store on mars.

this is the best instructable I've read in a while! Short, to the point and attacks the problem edge on with force!!!

help! I did this at <redacted>, the NSA's data farm in <redacted> Utah and the are holding me in a cell I think below ground. Not sure but it may be their facility at < double redacted >. Please contact my lawyer < redacted >. He will know what to do. Tell him I said to release those files I have about the NSA. They should be in a folder labeled << your dam sure we're going to redact this>> rolled up in a Pringles can sitting right behind the <redacted>.


<<the redacted>>

hahahaha well played

Amazing joke! LOL!!!