Step 2: start hacking

Start hacking away at the computer with the machete.
<p>hahahaha well played</p>
<p>I MADE IT</p>
<p>nice going dude</p>
<p>omg :P</p>
<p>hahahaha . . . :D </p>
<p>well played</p>
Woo that good!
haha, very funny
<p>Amazing joke! LOL!!!</p>
<p>hahahhahahhaal lol . </p>
<p>hahaha, not physically meant software boy!</p>
<p>well done</p>
That's bad
<p>how to hack a computer in windows 7</p>
<p>hahahahahah :3 </p>
<p>i am the best hacker because i made it by 29kg iron</p>
<p>A 10 pound hammer will be faster but it a kind of brute force attack!!</p><p>LOOOL</p>
<p>this is crazy tutorial... Loool. :v</p>
Are you part of anonymous?
<p>The one thing that actually works on computers...</p>
<p>sooo where to we get this machete &quot;program&quot;? i checked my local hardware store they dont sell them here in australia</p>
<p>Try the international machete store on mars.</p>
<p>Well then...</p>
<p>this will even work with a mac or linux box lol</p>
<p>Will it work on windows 8?</p>
<p>i think so it worked on mine</p>
<p>oho. nice...</p><p>Any another ideas. share it</p>
<p>oho. nice...</p><p>Any another ideas. share it</p>

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