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Introduction: How to Hack School With DOS Bat Files

In this instructable i will teach you how to hack school with a file like cmd.bat

Step 1: The Script...

You might want to say that it is easy but it get's hard as you go and here is the code:

Than save it as a bat file like cmd.bat like this Save>All files>cmd.bat
In notepad

Step 2: What Is Next!

It will show you a cmd.bat file on the desktop like this:

once you double-click it you will be able to type in a code like this:
net user sammy /ADD

Step 3: Perfect Till Now

In this step you will wnt to minimise it! if your school teacher tries to notice!
If he or she did not notice good COZ now you can say: net localgroup in the dos file
And it should give you the encription of your school and other details
Like this:
*Debugger Users
and many other strange codes

Step 4: Than Make You an Admin User Easy As a Pie!

Just type in: net localgroup administrators sammy /ADD

Step 5: You Are Done Hackin

Guess what! once you are done you can now do a quick deletion by typing in:
net user sammy /DELETE

Step 6: See Ya!

Thanks for hacking the uglie school using this site :) :) :)



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    I found adware and spyware on the site listed in this Instructable! Always scan for threats before opening and make sure you are on the official source.

    The likelyhood is they blocked you from the CMD if you wanna know how to access the CMD you get a copy of linux on a USB stick and boot up linux then you swap the CMD files with the Ease of access files so you can do it without logging in it will then give you access to Win32 CMD in which you can create admin accounts.. (i haven't properly completed this yet tho because my school has a block i am trying to work around..) But yea.. thats an easy way to access CMD as Admin..

    hey guys I got a way for the code to work anywhere

    @echo off
    title Command Prompt Batch
    echo Copyright (c) Only Keiths Cmd.
    set /P the="%cd%>"
    goto loop

    if this works subscribe to my youtube :D save it as "CMD.bat"

    if your school it guy is even slightly smart he, can block it

    My input keeps giving me a System error 5 Access Denied. How can I get around this?

    I get the error on the first input (net use allen /ADD)

    Please help


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    run cmd as administrator.

    Run it "as administrator" <:

    i wouldn't try to hack got sent to jdc for 2yrs for hacking into all my school websites, had 3yrs of community service and had to pay a 2500 dollar fine . what im trying to say its not worth it just be good , and do yr work learn please .

    everytime I double click, it, it opens for 2 seconds and re closes? explanation?

    Hello every one so some of yous having a hard time hacking into school computers
    (1) open Notepad & type
    and make sure you save it as .bat not .txt okay has to be something.bat
    like Hackerz.bat
    (2) Right click the .bat file you
    (3)go to Run as administrator & click it
    (4)to see all users type
    net user
    (5)make a new user type
    net user your name here /add so like this
    net user Hackerz /add & press enter
    (6)give your new username a password type
    net user your name here * so like this
    net user Hackerz * & press enter
    (7)just remember you cant see what you type for your password
    it will say Type a pass for the user & press enter button but you have to type
    what ever you type the first time twice & press enter button
    (8)next type to become a administrator
    net localgroup administrators /ADD & press enter button

    i hope this helps some people if your good enough at hacking become good it takes time you can hack the main console and take control of every machine
    it can be done of done it years ago but its been a long time
    email me chow all hope you enjoy!!!

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    I actually used things like this in my junior year of high school to bypass system restrictions. I used batch files to get the command prompt and unlock basic functions and eventually i made myself an admin. I accidentally made myself an admin on the district server and not on the local server. I used other programs to bypass the web filters. If you kids are trying to get around stuff at school, dont. I got suspended for two days for doing that. But i did outsmart everybody because they had no idea how I did it all. haha

    1 reply

    At my school I got full admin levels and pretty much no restrictions on one of my teachers computers, then hacked theirs. I did not get suspended.




    Sorry, but for all you people out there who want free access to the Internet at school, this won't work.

    On most (actually, all of them) school computers the only user account that students can use is a Standard account. Now, this account natively in Windows doesn't have the permissions to do what this guy is talking about. Those commands? Those are administrator-only commands. Thus you have to be an administrator to make an administrator account, and that defeats the purpose because if you had an administrator account, you could just do it from Control Panel.

    when i tried to make a admin account it said access denied system error 5 any way around

    Hey so i tried this and it came up with system error 5 has occurred. Access is denied. What do i do to fix this.


    This is just a back door into command prompt. Those "encryption" things were user accounts on the computer that you took the pic from.

    Nice instructable!!!! I might try this next year, lol, but it looks like it's easily detected.