Hello everyone

I got a request to make this instructable.
I will explain to you how you get the password of the local admin, network admin, and everyone else on the network.

Disclaimer: This instuctable is for educational purposes only, doing this at your own school may get you expelled or worse.
Only do this when you have permission from the system admin.
Note: GETTING THE NETWORK ADMIN does not work everywhere, you have to be lucky.
Note: the files used do not contain viruses, no matter what the scan says, just press "don't do anything".


If the computer you're hacking has an AMP (webserver with apache and php) you need one thing
  • An usb drive with a special PHP file I made. I'll give it to you during this instructable
else, you need two things:
  • A bootable linux distro (I use knoppix, but feel free to use everything else)
  • A usb drive with the programs "Saminside" (check insidepro.com) and "Fgdump" (on foofus.net/fizzgig)

and of course you need enough time and nothing to lose.
<p>I did this and the IT department eventually found out and I got a year of ISS (In School Suspension) and I had to go to court and pay a 5000 dollar fine. I also had to do 4 years of community service. Please I beg everyone, PLEASE do not do this. Yes, I know, It sounds SUPER tempting but you'll regret it. If they find out, you will be in some deep doodoo. It happened to me in 9th grade. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.</p>
<p>OMG! $5000 fine? You must have done a little bit more than just logging in on other peoples accounts...!</p>
<p>bro, are u nl or be? I'm interested in doing this. Zou leuk zijn als je ff pm stuurt</p>
<p>how long before they caught you</p>
<p>how long before they found out</p>
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<p>uuummhh jennifer</p>
<p>Ummm one year of ISS.... that would be stupid..... and you're making it up because it is NOWHERE NEAR reasonable.... ty for reading</p>
<p>To get access isn't hard but to dodge that &quot;tracking back to your computer&quot; is annoying, ofc ull be found out, the teacher can still see who intruded when from which pc. </p><p>Also isnt there an other way to get access? I mean when I could put usb/live boot smth just like that where ever I am i wouldnt be hard.</p><p>thank you anyway</p>
<p>@original author</p><p>Since somebody had faced the consequences of doing this and were fined and suspended from school.Why dont you just delete this post and prevent more people from suffering?</p>
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<p>Rolen, when did you create your gmail account as it can verey if it works or not.. im actually an expert at this.</p>
you should say how to prevent it as well otherwise there could be legal issues.
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