Picture of How to gain access to all accounts on a school/work network.
Hello everyone

I got a request to make this instructable.
I will explain to you how you get the password of the local admin, network admin, and everyone else on the network.

Disclaimer: This instuctable is for educational purposes only, doing this at your own school may get you expelled or worse.
Only do this when you have permission from the system admin.
Note: GETTING THE NETWORK ADMIN does not work everywhere, you have to be lucky.
Note: the files used do not contain viruses, no matter what the scan says, just press "don't do anything".


Picture of YOUR TOOLS
If the computer you're hacking has an AMP (webserver with apache and php) you need one thing
  • An usb drive with a special PHP file I made. I'll give it to you during this instructable
else, you need two things:
  • A bootable linux distro (I use knoppix, but feel free to use everything else)
  • A usb drive with the programs "Saminside" (check insidepro.com) and "Fgdump" (on foofus.net/fizzgig)

and of course you need enough time and nothing to lose.
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XxTheApkG5 months ago

I did this and the IT department eventually found out and I got a year of ISS (In School Suspension) and I had to go to court and pay a 5000 dollar fine. I also had to do 4 years of community service. Please I beg everyone, PLEASE do not do this. Yes, I know, It sounds SUPER tempting but you'll regret it. If they find out, you will be in some deep doodoo. It happened to me in 9th grade. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

richardp1325 days ago

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JennyB53 months ago
I have tried it myself but i just dont have the talent for it. I need someone to help me hack some guys account,they stole so much money from me and the police do nothing. No rippers please im sick of yall!
I also need someone to hack into a database for me. 600$ after completion of work. No payment before, guys im not getting ripped again!

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KyleN15 months ago


they can hack all types of accounts
emailaccounts, fb, twitter, skype, ...
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yasirt16 months ago


Aakashp6 months ago

hugens maschilla dive into castrilia.

shimo hacking la.

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ahmedk46 months ago

hahaha een nederlander zo te zien. ey man ik heb wat hulp nodig want ik snap niet alles :)

hi guys, im a beginner in hacking and cracking, can you kindly assist on how to hack a database and which software can assist in fullfilling that. pls. is it possible to hack into ones system and clear ones itc?

hey messmaker ya out there come on back just prankin bro do you have a minute.i am beginner/intermedate hacker and do you know how to bypass and delete avg family safety from my ACCOUNT and not my moms ACCOUNTit alerts her on her phone
and i want to manipulate the cumputer to look like its there on her account thats what i cant figure out????help please i also have a windows 7 ultimate with added xion microprosser i built from scraht sorry mispelled and 10 trillabites on the cumputer with radio addition from motherboard of a radio and a few other things too much to say!
You need to learn the difference between a hacker and a cracker.
You need to learn the difference between a hacker and a cracker.
You need to learn the difference between a hacker and a cracker.
geeklord6 years ago
what do you mean by "or worse"?
Not to mention, you'll get shouted at by the local police... -.- ... but yeah; court, fines, possibly juvey if it's bad enough.... you have powerful information bro, just be careful how u use it
damasta (author)  geeklord6 years ago
you can get expelled or worse for example they can sue you for breaking into their network
cowen damasta5 years ago
You have the right to use the computer and the network but so much that you are not thwarting the security of the network.

That can be seen as a Felony.

7 kids at Plano ISD were arrested by Secret Service and prosecuted for Hacking.  They are not allowed to be anywhere near any Technology driven device.  No Cell Phone, no Game system, No Computers, if you can use it to hack then they are banned from it and if they are caught in vicinity of such a device it is a breach of probation and subject to incarceration.

I was part of the group that collected the evidence.  Do you think you can survive with out Tech gear?
messmaker cowen5 years ago
we can get tech everywhere bro, its the 21st century. i could walk up to a internet cafe, use fake registration and get back where i left off.
cowen messmaker5 years ago
You did not get the point! FELONY.... The point is it is not your network, and not your computer both belong to the School, Library, Cafe' shop, ect. You say you can just use a hacked (fake) account which is not yours. That is the classification of Computer Crime and Identity Theft both of which can be charged as Felonies to minors who commit Adult crimes. As stated above SEVEN (7) students were arrested and charged by Secret Service for the Joke (Crime) and the School also levied charges for the mis-use and abuse of School property. Sentencing ALL 7 may not have any 21st century equipment, No Game boy, No Cell phone, No computer, Nothing that may allow the student to get online and nothing with more power then a basic manual Adding machine. Yes you may line 21st Century but you can be thrown into the 17th century once caught . There is a Legitimate use and a illegal use which you use makes the case against or for your Sentence. All I ever ask is that youth of today use their gifts to be a member of society that is the ones I want to hire to help with my Computer Security Company. We hack networks only after the signature dries on the (school term here) Permission Slip is signed and verified. One to get paid and Two to back ourselves in court if there is a problem with the hack. Please Hack legally
messmaker cowen5 years ago
yes, but they cannot monitor you 24/7. and where there is urban property there is the technology. All i'm doing when i do such things, even a simple DoS attack, is making my mark in society. if ANYONE gave me the chance to do so in a legal manner e.g. testing security software, i would do so. But no one believes people can do such things with computers until ive wiped there network and corrupted their files. So until everyone wakes up to the power of computer manipulation, im going to stay on the same track im on now.
hey messmaker plz i am just the beginer and i want to know how to gain access on the admin account on the other computer plzzzzzzzzz just guide me to do such thing i will be very thankful to you..................
cowen messmaker5 years ago
PISD uses a logger that sends all information to a server that uses a program that looks for certain criteria of hacking. Its pretty neat. We can then look at the log and other activity that is done on the Schools property. We do not have to screw up a system to show it is unsecured.
messmaker cowen5 years ago
no, but its better to have a hacker try and get in that isnt going to do any harm, to test it then have a hacker get in and start screwing up the system.
cowen messmaker5 years ago
And that is where I get contracts and make money for me the hacker and what ever other equipment vendors I need. Why do it for free.....
messmaker cowen5 years ago
because they didnt give me the chance to do it for money,
cowen messmaker5 years ago
That is where people like me are important. I have customers and they all want that to make sure they are safe. I usually have 2 or more guys hack each others work to make sure nothing was missed. The customer must sign a contract and I get paid up front half before the work is started and right after the work is completed. You just have to know how to sell your self and services you can provide.
messmaker cowen5 years ago
trust me, i've tried. but they dont believe someone my age could cause any damage on even a unprotected system. so i show them what i can do, on their systems. that gives them a good picture. and i make sure they know it was me, but they cant prove it.
cowen messmaker5 years ago
What you need is someone to do as an agent or broker would work. Be the middle person that is respectable and responsible to get things done legally and then let you have your time to hack, then report your findings and then let the agent go back with those reports and even can bring you in with them to show them how vulnerable they are to a kid and explain if a kid can do "this" then "what could a full blown hacker do"? Some still think it a hoax but at least you have papers so that if they hit again you can show that you tried to warn them and if the attach used the ports that you used to show them the problem and that are still not closed or secured there is a history there and if this time there was a loss the company would look pretty open if right after a security Audit there was still a breach "Because they did not take action to the Audit" the next questions are the worst and depending on what type of business they are are not always good. I am working with a Judge who has a lot of influence with companies on ID Theft and getting compliant with federal laws.
messmaker cowen4 years ago
Trust me, no one believes I have any skill in this area.
Not even my own family think I can do anymore than open a webpage.
My dad believes me, because he actually sat down with me and asked me to hack his facebook page to prove what i could do.

but no one gives me that sort of time, because of my age.
my dad's gone to people around the world through the internet trying to show people my worth in tech. but they all judge me based on my age.
Sometimes I get angry with the rejection and infect the company or individuals computers as, well, an act of revenge. I would be more than happy to show them how i got into their systems as a remote administrator, before I had to do such things to show my worth.
cowen messmaker4 years ago
Well I am always looking for talent. What all things can you do besides just hack in?
I am looking for someone that can not only get in but also setup security to prevent the breach.

I have a nice http://Monowall.ch firewall setup and would like to start building and configuring these.

Age is not really a problem as talent is the thing i want.

1099 employment.

I have not really taken advantage of the breach market but once I have a reliable person to do the work.

The main thing is contracts so that everything is covered.
messmaker cowen4 years ago
m0n0wall is ok,
ever tested smoothwall?

ive found that m0n0wall is quite susceptible to a DOS attack.
this can be patched manually, but it should of been built into the untouched
main frame of the firewall :l

im not a big fan of m0n0wall sorry.

i can find exploits for websites, programs or systems (which i have been doing for a while and posting on the internet for other hackers).

im constantly looking for something else to learn about, or someone to learn from.
cowen messmaker4 years ago
Ill look into smoothwall, I liked the hardware requirements of mono.

I have it running on a 486 with 16 ram and a 64 meg CF card Intel 4 port NIC.

Very nice simple system.
messmaker cowen4 years ago
that is very very nice i must say (:

whats your mb/sec transfer rate on such a system?

STR (Sustained Transfer Rate)
cowen messmaker4 years ago
I do not use a very high DSL connection here mostly a connection to email my off sites use of web servers where there are fatter pipes.

I have heard reports of 100meg in and out bound. I am only using half the resources in the 586 however. 66mhz pc

50% cpu
48% memory out of 16meg
16 meg of the 64mg CF Flash.

I had an extra pc that I wanted to use, There was no reason to build a power house system for this.

Advanced WAN Statistics

Connection Rate (Down/Up): 3360 Kbps / 832 Kbps
Connection Status
In Packets 1420020 Out Packets 1010583

IP Address
Routed IP x7x.xxx.xxx.xxx
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

Ethernet Status
In Packets 1424286
Out Packets 2940902
messmaker cowen4 years ago
you should better utilize ur system setup by just getting FASTER INTERNET.

thats not so bad though,
what do you use it for?

you could probably squeeze a bit more performance out of your system or even your connection speed.
yeah getting caught hacking is serious and can have so very harsh repercussions
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