Step 2: GETTING THE LOCAL ADMIN part 1 version 1

Skip this if the target doesn't have a webserver

Boot the computer and insert your usb drive.
Copy the file called pwd.php in the htdocs folder on your webserver
surf with your browser to http://localhost/pwd.php
Don't type anything in the fields and click the submit button.

If the virus scanner gives you a warning try version 2 (you will need the program saminside and the linux distro)

You will be sent to the next page, download the file from the link to your usb drive and for the love of god REMOVE PWD.PHP AND THE JUST CREATED FILE FROM THE HARDDRIVE

you can skip version 2 and go to GETTING THE LOCAL ADMIN part 2
<p>I did this and the IT department eventually found out and I got a year of ISS (In School Suspension) and I had to go to court and pay a 5000 dollar fine. I also had to do 4 years of community service. Please I beg everyone, PLEASE do not do this. Yes, I know, It sounds SUPER tempting but you'll regret it. If they find out, you will be in some deep doodoo. It happened to me in 9th grade. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.</p>
<p>how long before they caught you</p>
<p>how long before they found out</p>
<p>hi guys theres some amzing things ive hacked unblocked text for the info</p>
RSN saved my life, i was in a custody battle situation with my three year old daughter and my alcoholic ex-husband. He continues to defy safety restrictions and court orders, and I never able to catch him in the act. I was referred to remoteServersNework@Gmail.com. She totally understand my situation and guided me every step of the way to put a tracker on my ex-husband phone where i could track him from his phone, knew exaxtly what he was up to directly from my phone. Tell her from amy, she can hack anything
<p>Well, thats one way, another would be to actually study some code, or if you are already on a computer on the local network.. find a vulnerability and make back-doors on multiple PC's (especially if you are assigned a PC). Have patience and wait to actually use a port that is open from a PC not on the local networks (if possible, the network has to be connected to the internet to do this). If you can get through to the modem, port forwarding would make it a breeze. &quot;hacking&quot; should be planned, but there should always be a moral code when you do it... changing grades hardly seems worth it, unless you have a teacher that doesn't grade fairly. (which can be dealt with in multiple ways)</p>

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