Now you've got the pwdump file open it in notepad
copy the line which contains the word admin or administrator onto your clipboard and go to http://plain-text.info.
Wait until lm has 0/2 or 1/2, click add hashes, paste what you copied into the messagebox, choose algorytm LM, enter the code and press send.

You will be sent to a list of hashes, yours is probably on top (the first lm)
F5 until the value is cracked, the value will be the password.
<p>I did this and the IT department eventually found out and I got a year of ISS (In School Suspension) and I had to go to court and pay a 5000 dollar fine. I also had to do 4 years of community service. Please I beg everyone, PLEASE do not do this. Yes, I know, It sounds SUPER tempting but you'll regret it. If they find out, you will be in some deep doodoo. It happened to me in 9th grade. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.</p>
<p>how long before they caught you</p>
<p>how long before they found out</p>
<p>Get into any record through this amazing guy. my name is Rolan, i actually had a problem with my school when i was in 9th grade, i was unable to write some papers because i had got arrested for neighborhood domestic violence where i had to appear in court and therefore i missed my papers. but thanks to this wonderful guy actually he got introduced to me by a friend in russia and he was able to help me work on my school record and i was able to graduate successfully. call me a criminal but you dont know what i have been through surviving on my own but here i am today i own my business and i am making a decent living and enjoying a clean clear life. spiralhulkspy@gmail.com is wonderful when it comes to public and other kinds of records as he as helped my friends work on their DMV and other stuffs like that. he didnt ask me to make any sort of adverts for him i was just browsing through and i saw all the commnets so i thought i should just share him incase there is someone who is troubled by one thing or the other, we arent any saints after all.</p>
<p>i tried this and never got caught, one reason is probably because I'm not doing anything that make the account i hacked a bad person i just revealed all their secrets and used it against them you may think I'm a horrible person but if you want to survive school you gotta have something to protect you like in the hunger games you can try to allies or kill them all and i decided allies is the only way to go so thanks</p>
<p>Based on the comments I'm just gonna slow step away from this habit of trying to crack the admin password, just so I can add more virtual memory. Pretty ridiculous.</p>
<p>Yeah don't do this guys, I did it in school and got passwords to just about every student in the school, I used a proxy a VPN everything, but they caught me, my computer privileges were revoked, I was given rest of the year OSS and 3 months ISS, DO NOT DO THIS, and chances are, if you're having to look this up on instructables, you shouldn't be doing this much of a risk.</p>
<p>hi guys theres some amzing things ive hacked unblocked text for the info</p>

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