Step 2: Using Zenmap (nmap's GUI)

Picture of Using Zenmap (nmap's GUI)
It's pretty simple. Open the program and in the "Target" box, type the ip address of the computer you want to hack.

If you don't know the ip address, go to the computer you want to access (I will assume you have the legal rights to whatever you are trying to access), open a command line and type ipconfig. You can try to hack devices too sometimes. Routers and switches sometimes have telnet. Try scanning these too.

Say you want to scan a range of IP addresses, then you would type the beginning IP address followed by (no spaces) a dash ( - ) and the end of the last IP address. For example, if you wanted to scan to then you would type .

In the "Profile" menu of Zenmap, select "Intense scan" if it is not already selected. Click scan and watch as the program scans the computer or device for open ports. Watch the nmap output until you see some words in green. These are the open ports on the computer or device. If port 23 is open, your device is hackable.

Many servers and routers have port 23 open.

If you can't find a device with Telnet enabled, use nethack.alt.org .
8s.cschreur4 years ago
You should try to download the software over again. Also, some Devices aren,t hackable via Telnet.
8s.cschreur4 years ago
Thanks! I got it to work fine!
dan-ball6 years ago
When I try to do the scan, it says "dnet: Failed to open device eth5 QUITTING!" What's going on?
you have to do "Intense scan, all TCP Ports" for it to work properly.
me too
me too,
has anyone found the reason of this?
LkArio6 years ago
On *nix, there's no ipconfig, it's ifconfig and you need to be root.
irastrouse6 years ago
use eth0 it will work if you patition them right
girrrrrrr26 years ago
i am running this in wine... and when ever i try to start it. where ever there should be words there is a big black mark... any help please?