Step 2: Using Zenmap (nmap's GUI)

It's pretty simple. Open the program and in the "Target" box, type the ip address of the computer you want to hack.

If you don't know the ip address, go to the computer you want to access (I will assume you have the legal rights to whatever you are trying to access), open a command line and type ipconfig. You can try to hack devices too sometimes. Routers and switches sometimes have telnet. Try scanning these too.

Say you want to scan a range of IP addresses, then you would type the beginning IP address followed by (no spaces) a dash ( - ) and the end of the last IP address. For example, if you wanted to scan to then you would type .

In the "Profile" menu of Zenmap, select "Intense scan" if it is not already selected. Click scan and watch as the program scans the computer or device for open ports. Watch the nmap output until you see some words in green. These are the open ports on the computer or device. If port 23 is open, your device is hackable.

Many servers and routers have port 23 open.

If you can't find a device with Telnet enabled, use nethack.alt.org .
If you remember what the massage said tell me please.
I got it from my school a few weeks ago, that's some serious bullsh*t They said if I dont stop, they'd put me on a list (some sort of black list) and I wouldn't be able to get the programming class next year and I would be banned from any computer lab Frankly, I dont care to be banned, but I gotta take that freaking class if I wanna live later...
Oddly enough, my early days of hacking my school's computer network is the exact reason I own a computer consultancy company today.<br><br>Problem with schools are they don't encourage the sort of activity which allows you to think for yourself, and would rather you follow a set and closed path which in most cases, leads nowhere.<br><br>I'd get some old computers, build yourself a network, and learn about networking that way. Oh, and use Linux, Windows is not build for this sort of work, and will serve only to get in your way.
<blockquote> <p> <em>Problem with schools are they don't encourage the sort of activity which allows you to think for yourself, and would rather you follow a set and closed path which in most cases, leads nowhere. </em></p> </blockquote> <br> That's a little disingenuous isn't it? They don't encourage the sort of activity that slows the network down for everyone else and that if successful would lead to the exposure of confidential, private student/staff data. They would rather people with just enough knowledge to be dangerous did not engage in potentially harmful behaviour on their network. &nbsp;<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;<br> Mostly, it's probably just annoying them that they have to deal with some idiot kiddy who discovered nmap and has decided to use it on its most agressive settings (WTF?) when they could be...you know...doing the productive parts of their job.
<p>just use tor proxychains ... ;)</p>
thats why you go in the libary with a laptop, crack their internet, then do it
So what did the message say?
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how can i use.. the telnet control the programs on another computer?
When I try to do the scan, it says "dnet: Failed to open device eth5 QUITTING!" What's going on?
me too
you have to do &quot;Intense scan, all TCP Ports&quot; for it to work properly.
me too
me too,<br /> has anyone found the reason of this?<br />
<ol> <li> Don't use telnet, download PuTTY, it's much nicer to use and lets you save connections. It'll also let you connect to SSH.&nbsp;Either that, or download Cygwin to get a Linux-like environment within Windows. <li> DON'T use nmap if you're sitting in a college/school computer lab signed in under your own username.&nbsp; <li> DON'T use nmap on its most agressive settings,&nbsp;especially if you are doing it against a network you don't own or have permission to use it on (in the form of a written contract). &nbsp; </ol> Ignoring 2 and 3 will lead to you getting caught. Fast. As you discovered.<br> <br>
Does the nmap port scanner contain a virus??
too bad i can't use the ip address of the computer i'm using
does polyscript work?
where do you download telnet?
What is port 23 isn't open but others are? How do you go about hacking something then?
I think I purposely left an open, password protected port on my router...
This is a guide to finding a telnet server and connecting to it in the hope that it's not got a username or password set. This is not hacking but it does give people just enough information to get into trouble.<br><br>If you go around connecting to random unsecured telnet servers with no idea what you are doing you are not going to gain anything.<br><br>The best piece of advice you can give is find your System Admin and tell them they have an open telnet service.

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