Step 6: Play with the device you connected to

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Now here is where it will get slightly more difficult for me to explain. The reason this is, is that every device has its own interface from here. Some will need code, and others will take you though its program, step by step. Nethack is a game that you play.

One of the most easy thing to hack via telnet, is a Cisco router. All Cisco routers have a telnet server built in. To learn the Cisco "language" go to this website.

When connected to a Cisco router you will get something similar to the picture below. Type "enable" and you can use the privileged mode. After entering privileged mode, type "config t" to configure the router.
Tiuri286 years ago
and, what can you do once you connected?
bmlbytes (author)  Tiuri286 years ago
That depends on what the device is. If you hit a cisco router, you can do a lot to a network.
When I try to connect, after a while there comes a text: "hit any button to continue", when I do that it says: "connection with the host broken". What do I do wrong? please help, its urgent!!!
bmlbytes (author)  Tiuri286 years ago
Its probably the devices way of refusing your connection. The device at the other end can break the connection too, so that is what the last message means. The first message suggests that you connected to a device, but it didnt have anything you could do.
thanks anyway, i'll ceep on trying
Well, depends of what you're connected to... Most of the time, what you'll find with a port 23 open is a router, Which controls the network, from there you could run a whole business From there I suppose you're not the classical teenpunk trying to hack someones computer...
any examples of codes for example for hacking files or shutdown