Picture of How to hack via NetBIOS!
This instructable will (hopefully) teach you how to hack with NetBIOS. You can also learn how to protect your computer from this attack with this. This is a good one to try if you are wardriving.

Things you'll need:
- A computer
- winfingerprint
- telnet
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Step 1: Time To Hack

Picture of Time To Hack
First, open up Winfingerprint.

Step 2: Options

Picture of Options
Under 'Input Options', click neighborhood. Check the "NetBOIS Shares" box. Then hit scan and go away for a few hours and let the program search for vulnerable targets...

Step 3: Looking for Information...

Picture of Looking for Information...
After your break, you should see a lot of information in the scroll box about the targets it has been pinging. This is where the tedious part comes in. You now have to look through this mash of text for this string, "NetBIOS Shares". When you find this, look under it to see strings like "\\blahblah\C$" or "\\blahblah\ADMIN$." If you do find these, you may proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Getting in...

Picture of Getting in...
Copy the string that says "\\blahblah\C$" or "\\blahblah\ADMIN$" and open up CMD. You can do this by going to Start --> Run and type in cmd. Type this into cmd, replacing your string for "\\blahblah\ADMIN$":

net use * \\blahblah\ADMIN$

It should say Drive Blah: is now connected to (your string here). If it doesn't, go back to step 3 and look for another string to use. If it does, go to step 5.

Step 5: You're In!

Picture of You're In!
To access this connection, go to my computer. Scroll down, if necessary, and look for network drives. Double-click on it and it will open up. All you need to do now is use that connection for your devious plans! You can plant backdoors , read files, delete files, run files, and pretty much anything.
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abran52 years ago
would it be illegal to take the computer's files?
duct tape (author)  abran52 years ago
Generally speaking, doing anything on a system/network that you don't have permission to do is illegal. I'm not a lawyer, but I would think it'd be illegal to do so.
abran52 years ago
when I try to download Winfingerprint my computer says that there is nothing in the file (my computer say that downloaded compressed folders are empty. HELP!!!)
I only get stuff like printers that are conected to my computer after it says done at botom
whats telnet

64bithero6 years ago
So.... you have to be administrator? Wouldn't that make it not hacking?
it would still be hacking, because your on some else's network (ie wardriving, being in a hacked network) etc...
I realise this is late; but what I meant is you'd have to already be an administrator on their network to do anything.
deathray754 years ago
 good tut but plz help me i have my computer and it asked for my username and password my laptops vista home i think and comp is win7 home now i dont know what it means by this i dont have a windows password or user and they are BOTH on the same network thanks in advance if you help

duct tape (author)  deathray754 years ago
 Which computer were you trying to get access to? When you turn on the computer that you attempt to access, does it display something like 'Welcome Admin'? The default user is probably something like administrator and the password will be blank if you usually don't use one to get on the computer.
yadhav6 years ago
Hey, isn't is illegal to do this ???
hg341 yadhav5 years ago
no if they have no passwords or are on a open net you are free to go in
ac1D hg3415 years ago
so your saying that if you leave your front door open, ppl are free to come in your house and take your computer or tv? Smart.
hg341 ac1D5 years ago
there is a BIG diference there
ac1D hg3415 years ago
Ok il reword myself. YOu have the right to connect yourself in your sister computer without her knowing you did, and see her naked. 2x smart?
hg341 ac1D5 years ago
well if you like that kinda stuff
ac1D hg3415 years ago
I give up. You won. Let say it's legal even if it is not.
hg341 ac1D5 years ago
im just saying that if a networkwifi is openno passwords then you can go in
muzac hg3415 years ago
Actually, that is still technically true.  It has been attempted a few times in congress to create a law that makes connecting to an open wifi network illegal, but it has failed every time.

So, yes, connecting to an open wifi network is still legal.  I see your point here...
Virtuous5 years ago
when i do all this it just winfingerprint just outputs:

what do I do?
bs0319845 years ago
What is telnet what version do i need and where can i download it ?
duct tape (author)  bs0319845 years ago
if you have windows you should have telnet
hg341 duct tape5 years ago
vista dose not have telnet
greenbean hg3415 years ago
Yes it does. Go to the control panel and it should be under Programs, Programs and Features, and its Turn Windows Features On and Off. Check the Telnet client, not the telnet server.
Hey is this winfingerprint full of viruses?. . .
duct tape (author)  Sparkythehappygirafe6 years ago
No. Not as far as I know. Just don't get it from some warez site, and you'll be fine.
ok cool, thanks man
I got a system error 53, Network path not found.. ..
duct tape (author)  Waffles Will Rule6 years ago
This only works if you are on the same network. I.E., wardriving.
You mean like a Wireless network? The person who I am trying to get is on the same network. I did this for my router too, got up to this part and got the same error.
duct tape (author)  Waffles Will Rule6 years ago
Are you sure you are typing in the right IP, or are even on the same network? That is what error 53 usually means.
wardriving or do you mean wardialing
Ah the joys of M$ Networking...
IR8D8R6 years ago
OK now one of you geniuses tell us how to keep these hacks OUT of the PC
duct tape (author)  IR8D8R6 years ago
you just have to disallow sharing your sensitive info...
oliver576 years ago
Ok when i open winfingerprint, i dont get as much in the general options, and when i scan with all the boxes checked it just says: error 53 WNetOpenEnum Error 53: The network path was not found. Please help me? thanks
Constantine6 years ago
How exactly is this cracking? You used standard hidden shares available on any PC running file sharing. $admin $c etc...
duct tape (author)  Constantine6 years ago
I never actually said this was cracking, I named it hacking because that is what people will search for.
6464336 years ago
anyone please explain me what is the use of this stuff
Early one morning i turned on my laptop ,it told me user password had failed and hung on that . I had net entered the desktop password yet , so windows would not boot this might be one way to get around that .Letting you save music and photos have not backed up latly.I took the easy route fed it the XP cd and wiped it clean (no ASR didnt work )
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