Picture of How to hack/RHG your Xbox 360
If you want to hack your Xbox 360 and your dashboard version is over 7371 then the only way that you can hack it is with the reset glitch hack (RGH). When I started looking for a way to hack my 360 I heard about the jtag method only to find out that my dashboard was newer then 7371, but in early September a hardware exploit was developed know as the RGH. Basically what the RGH does is send a single to the processor that tells it to reset. Usually it would do exactly that however if the single is sent when it is booting up it allows us to run unsigned code.

to perform this RGH and utilize the exploit what you will need to do is read the NAND, install the modchip, write the NAND and installing your dash board of choice (i will be using xexmenu).

To do this you will need:

modchip (i will be using the coolrunner from team-xecuter)

coolrunner LPT program cable

male LPT port (printer cable) (x1)

wires (x12 this will be your LPT cable so make them long)

computer with a female LPT port

a program to read the NAND (i used nandprob 2 you can find it HERE)

soldering iron


Jtag tool (software)

360gcprog (software)

flux (not needed but HIGHLY recommended)

***Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damage that may be caused to your property or self from following the instructions in this tutorial. Soldering irons can be very hot and cause burns, as well as possibly break your Xbox 360. Opening your xbox 360's shell will void its warranty. *** 
now then lets get started. first you need to completely take apart you 360 there are plenty of guides to do that so i wont cover it here. When the case is removed it should look like the picture. i highly suggest that you take off the metal case it sits in so that you can access the bottom of the motherboard. 
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here is an easy tutorial dor xbox 360 rgh :)

it says i have a 12v 9,6a what motherboard is that?

nicksv10 months ago

When reading nand you could have wrote that the xbox needs to have power on it, but not turned on.

I tried reading the nand on two different computers. The one computer had bad blocks each time and i think i tried all bios setups.

The other computer was running ECP mode in bios on the lpt cable. And that gave me the best reading. It remapped a little bit of the nand but it worked great.
(I used XNandHealer to verify the nands)

On some computers when reading the nand the xbox may turn on by it self. Either in the beggining of the reading or the end but will most likely turn it self off again.

And for writing the nand. You could have added text to see what pictures are from the xbox and maybe a little text that describes what you are about to do. Had to look at other guides to figure out how to get it working.

And for the coolrunner LPT cable i used another schematic that was more simple. <- worked perfect for my coolrunner rev C. And this on both computers

All in all it was an ok guide and i got it working. But its not very noob friendly.

But i have a question. I don't understand after i did the RGH i was not able to play the games that was allready installed on the harddrive without it still asking for a disc. After that i updated the dashboard like this ->

And i have also played with the settings menu in xexmenu. Pretty much all i done and now it runs all the games i had allready installed on the harddrive..?

What changed this you think? Is it the dashboard update or the settings thing in xexmenu?

And last thing i run all the games from the normal game menu. Xexmenu does not find any games?

evelez21 year ago
I was reading xexmenu is up to 1.5, is that correct? Where can I get it?
austiboy21 year ago
If your computer doesn't have an LPT port, is it possible to connect it using an adapter of some sort?
devilsteps2 years ago
What if I have one nonmatching block... Is that ok?
Superben51 (author)  devilsteps2 years ago
Dump again, then compare them. If there is still an error dump one more time and compare. Depending on the address the block is at it might be okay to continue but I would STRONGLY advise against it because if you don't get a good dump then if something goes wrong (which is very possible with non matching nands, if the error in the wrong sector) you don't have a stock nand to flash back and lose your xbox. If however you want to continue then look into using J-runner for making the ECC image.
devilsteps2 years ago
i deleted my nands from the nand step... should i just get 2 new one?
Superben51 (author)  devilsteps2 years ago
Yes. It's vital to have at least one good NAND dump permenatly backed up in case something goes wrong. You'll also write a modified version of your own NAND back to the xbox, so it is super important to have and keep a NAND dump handy.
devilsteps2 years ago
this step still doesnt work for me... even though i name the file with .svf at the end the program still says that it is not a correct svf file...
devilsteps2 years ago
i have a zephyr, but when i open the file for the zephyr a page comes up with a bunch of symboles... how do download this?
Superben51 (author)  devilsteps2 years ago
If you right click and press open in a new tab, a window will pop up asking what you want to do. Click the option for save file and then press okay.
so i got the file, but it is a firefox file... how do i make it svf file
nevermind i got it :D
angel_65712 years ago
Which way do we face the resistors ? Thanks
Superben51 (author)  angel_65712 years ago
The resistors are non polar, meaning that it doesn't matter which way they are.
Aaamazzara2 years ago
Are you sure this works? i have seen many people say that you need to have the diode in there on pin 11???
Superben51 (author)  Aaamazzara2 years ago
I know that it worked 100% for me. However if you are feeling worried about it (something about computer voltage-back or something) just throw it in there.
Aaamazzara2 years ago
Im having a problem with this part of it. I dont know what schematic to use. I am trying to program my coolrunner, im planning on going with the first picture but i dont understand what you mean by dont use the power. Then what do i do?
Superben51 (author)  Aaamazzara2 years ago
What I mean is don't use the batteries. The LPT port on your computer will supply the power needed if you leave out the batteries.
awesome88893 years ago
Can you do this with the new xbox 360 slim??
Superben51 (author)  awesome88893 years ago
yes but you need to have a trinity motherboard. and the solder points are different i'll try and update the guide soon.
Aaamazzara3 years ago
So with this method we dont need to buy a nand pro?
Superben51 (author)  Aaamazzara3 years ago
yup i only bought the cool runner the rest i had kicking around