Picture of How to hang bottles from your ceiling
I am going to show you how to hang bottles from your ceiling.

Things Needed-
Bottle cap
Steak knife
Thumb tack
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Step 1: The bottle

Picture of The bottle
First you will need a bottle with a bottle cap on it. The bottle can be empty or full.

Step 2: Hole in the bottle cap

Picture of Hole in the bottle cap
Next you will need a steak knife to put a hole in the bottle cap.

Step 3: String in the hole

Picture of String in the hole
Next you will need to put the string into the hole in the bottle cap. This can be one of the hardest parts.

Step 4: The thumb tack

Picture of The thumb tack
Next you will need a thumb tack and string/yarn. Tie the string/yarn around the thumb tack.

Step 5: Put the bottle cap on

Picture of Put the bottle cap on
Next you just simpely need to put the bottle cap on the bottle.

Step 6: Hang it up

Picture of Hang it up
Last put the thumb tack into the ceiling and hopefully the bottle will not fall to the gruond.
LadyLelan5 years ago
No offense meant, but why on earth would you want to hang bottles from your ceiling?
 Same reason I hang cans, to be stupid, OR you could put LEDs in it to make neat lights, try sand papering the outside to make it "frosty", then put lights in it. 
patmac6 years ago
I think this is a good idea. I will make several of them to hang at different heights and put a little battery run candle at the bottom. I think it would be great for a deck party.
A little simple but well explained, you really need better pictures though, use more light, turn off the time and date stamp and try to get it from angles with as little stuff around it to help the photos look better...
I think the pictures are fine
They are very dingy and dark, that's all I'm saying, it's called constructive criticism, you want to have a bad 'ible, fine by me.
I dont think there that dark just like a little bit dark. Maybe your computer screen is the thing thats dark.
it is confirmed the general consensus is, they are too dark, so let it die.
LHYellowJackets4 (author)  tomonto6 years ago
Dude! I know that they are dark but my screen is very bright thats why the pictures apeared to be light to me. You people need to stop leaving comments that say there to dark or I get offended real easy start leaving comments about what you think of this project.
i said let it die as in, nobody cares anymore and nobody will post anything about that anymore......(and you posted about it, again)
They are very dark.
There's no arguing that they aren't. My screen is fine, I see everything else normally, I'm pointing something out to help you, why you keep arguing the point is beyond me.
O.K. but I would only say that about three of the pictures are dark but the other three are just fine.
Umm, here is my take. If someone else who didn't make the instructable tries to give advice about how to improve it, just take the advice or leave it. kllerjackalope wasn't trying to offend you or anything like that. If you think he is wrong then just nod your head and ignore him.
lol I agree, a tad bit on the defensive about a small comment on the pictures. and they are a bit dark, and my screen is pretty bright.
I mean, you want to benefit yourself, listen to the community, the most of them will happily point out things you could improve on, like your photos, I agree entirely with what Killerjackalope said...
I dont think LHYellowJackets4 is the one who got offended. I think Killerjackalope got offended. First Killerwhater was saying blah blah blah then he said the pictures were dark then LHYellowJackets4 said I dont think there very dark then Killerwhater got mad and said blah blah blah but if you want to have a badible fine by me. LHyellowJackets4 never really got offended
LHYellowJackets4 (author) 6 years ago
I have realized the problem I went to setting on my computer the brightness was on 100% so thats why the pictures look bright on my screen. Thanks guys Ill change the pictures later but it may take a while because the internet we have here is dail up (very slow)
CaseyCase6 years ago
Why would one, per say, hang bottles from the ceiling with yarn and push pins? Is this something that all the kids doing these days? Alas, another fad I know nothing about!
Browncoat6 years ago
It's a neat idea, but I have major concerns about a thumbtack being enough to hold a glass bottle. Esp if its full of liquid, which you mention is possible. And my Maker's Mark bottles? No way.
gamer6 years ago
Last word is spelled "ground" but you put "gruond"...
Very nice.... I have actually done this in my room, but I keep banging my head on that damn Moosehead bottle!! Haha =P