How to Haul Groceries Children Wagons, Carts & Trailers With Electric Mobility Scooters.


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Introduction: How to Haul Groceries Children Wagons, Carts & Trailers With Electric Mobility Scooters.

Mobility scooters are a great invention. For people with walking limitations they help us get from A to B. That is a great plus. But until recently electric scooters did very LITTLE for helping us haul our shopping items or other cargo that we want to bring with us. Scooter baskets may be better than nothing, but they are a far cry from a real solution to our hauling, carrying needs. Way too frequently we need to carry and haul a lot more than what can be fit into a puny basket.

Now thanks to a new invention called a "jcv-tow-hitch" we can haul and carry with us as much as we want to bring with us. It is a tow hitch that allows our mobility scooters to hook up and pull wagons, carts; trolley's and trailers of nearly any kind we want to haul with us.

This gives us walking impaired people the NEW ABILITY to haul groceries, shopping purchases and our grand-children to name a few.  It gives us back a new additional freedom we lost as our walking ability deteriorated.

Now we can bring along our granddaughter on trips through Disney World, the park and exploring the neighborhood in general. Now we reclaim our ability to spend quality outdoor time with our grandkids again.

Since the demand was too small for these tow hitches to be offered by the larger corporations that build mobility scooters, we began making them ourselves and making them available to other scooter riders. Since we only make a couple a week, we must build them by hand.

These jcv-tow-hitches fit 95% of all electric mobility scooters. You can learn more about them including where to get them at…

If you need more hauling carrying freedom while on an electric scooter, maybe we can help you to.

Best wishes
Chris and Sharon



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