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Introduction: How to Have Lucid Dreams

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A lucid dream is a dream in which you, the dreamer, notice you are dreaming.
I've had quite a few lucid dreams and I've figured out a method to have them but *NOTE* it is very dificult to have a lucid dream and it takes a lot of practice but won't work most of the time but the end result is great.  These methods worked for me and I hope they work for you - I'm not responsible for bad use of this instructable (I can't see how though)
There are two types of lucid dreams in my opinion:
Full  - Where you control your actions and the how the dreams goes.
Incomplete  - Where you know you are dreaming however you can't control your actions.
Lets get started....

Step 1: Bad Sleep

If you're sleeping badly you have a great chance to have a lucid dream, here's how:
1) You are sleeping badly and wake up
2) Leave your eyes closed and stay where you are (you need to stay sleepy, it helps if you remember what you were dreaming about)
3)  Think about your bed, try to stay concentrated (you may lose track of reality but that's good)
4) You'll fall asleep and start dreaming almost immediately but remember, you are actually in your bed at home
5) Congratulations! You have taken the first step
Go to the next step to see another method, skip it if you want to see how to take control

Step 2: Wrong, All Wrong!

This is much harder than the first step because it consists of you having a clear mind while dreaming
You need to notice incorrect details in your dream
Here's something that happened to me:
A friend told me he was going to France for the summer holidays (real-life)
but in the dream he said he was going to Sweden
You have to be extremely lucky for that to happen but it does

Step 3: Taking Control

Controling your dream is much easier than the other two steps but keep this in mind:
When you are awake you can tell but in a dream you probably won't be sure whether you're awake or asleep
Here's a way to find out:
Try out your superpowers - seriously.  I usually try to make part of the ground in to sinking sand and see if people fall in to it because I know that isn't possible in real life (dream people don't care if you kill them but real people do).  It takes a lot of concentration but try - I'm guessing it's different for everyone.

Step 4: Tips and Suggestions

- Let your imagination run free because anything's possilbe and you are the master of your dream
- Watch out you don't forget you're dreaming by dreaming you woke up or something (It happens)
- You can actually make yourself wake up, with practice you'll be able to wake yourself up during any type of dream (for example, nightmares)
- Once you wake up you might not be able to have another lucid dream by going back to sleep so use the above^ tip for emergencies
- Loud noises and fast movement may make you wake up (at least for me)
- Don't kill yourself or die in your dream (My parents tell me not to, I guess it's just superstition)
Keep trying, it may take years but once you get it once you get more skillful
This is my first instrucatble to vote and comment
Good Luck!



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    Another thought. Lucid dreams can be dangerous for beginners. Like I said I have only had one once, but I have a friend who has done it a lot. He has told me about a little something called sleep paralisis. Sleep pralasis is when you are in the deeper stages of sleep, and you suddenly wake up. This can be caused by getting really excited about having a lucid dream and then waking up from excitement. Anyway, sleep paralasis is just as it sounds: paralasis. It is only temporary, but it is in a sense the opposite of a lucid dream. You are awake, and know you're awake, and yet you cant move anything but your eyes. A lot of times sleep paralasis is accompanied by hallucinations, commonly terrifying ones. So always know the dangers if you are going to do something like a lucid dream.

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    This must be scary, do you know how long it lasts?

    I can make myself wake up from my dream, but it gives me a bad headache

    Once I had a dream that mh mom was a witch like the one in the wizard of oz and I had magic that made me fly but then I couldnt fly and I woke up :(

    I had a lucid dream once, it was awsome. it was kind of a mix between incomplete and full, It could have been full, but it was hard to wrap my head around being in complete control, so things kind of turned out not exactly as I wanted. for example I tryed to turn into a cat and ended up turning into a cat... made of ice cream! ever since I have been trying to have another lucid dream, I hope this helps!


    @god squad 101
    I've had sleep paralysis before, it scared the crap out of me. I thought I was having a seizure or something but after hearing you describe sleep paralysis, that's what it must be!

    I once had a dream where I was floating in air and then years later I somehow recreated that dream with one change… I was being carried by some creature

    How do you not move when you wake up? I've tried, and it's hard to remember until you roll over, but then it's too late.

    Only once have I had a lucid dream. It was about 2½ to 3 years ago. Basically I was in a small neighborhood by a lake. I remember there was an african-american child who, I guess, was in my dream a great friend. I was in a wooden house on porch outside facing the lake. He told me something (I forget what) and suddenly I could fly. It was he greatest feeling ever. I was salting above the lake and a though occurred to me: 'Wait. I cant usually fly. O. M. Goodness. I'm dreaming!' And suddenly I fell from the sky and plunged into he water. That was the point when my suspicions were confirmed. I new that if I were awake, I would have gotten soaked and I wouldn't have been breathing under water. I got out of the lake and jumped as high as I could. Nothing happened. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't fly again. It really bugs me because I could fly when it wasn't lucid, but as soon as I realized it became an "incomplete" lucid dream, as you describe it.

    So that's my one and only lucid dream ever. This is the first time I have ever gone into great detail telling it ever, so I hope you enjoyed!

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    (1) If anyone thinks I am in ANY way being racist in the part about the "african-american" boy, I am not at all. I just felt it was weird hat I remembered that specific detail. That's all.

    (2) when I said I was "salting" above the lake, that was the Kindle Fire auto-correct. I meant soaring.

    (3) any parts where it says he and it doesn't make since, again typing on a kindle so lil I missed the t in the

    i havent had lucid dreams in a while but i used to have them once a week

    for a weird reason I treat people with respect in my lucid dreams as I do in real life.
    Also I don't need to do reality checks I occurs to me that i'm dreaming

    I have been trying this for about a week now. Using guides and such. But all that has seemed to happen is I have better dream recall. I still feel like my dreams are pretty much going in a straight line and I can't even think differently than how my mind wants me to.

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    It's all a matter of patience, sometimes I don't have lucid dreams for months or almost a year, so I'd suggest to keep trying and follow your guides

    This is really cool when I was younger I could have these whenever I wanted but I didnt even know what they were called now my dreams predict the future.

    Happened to me a couple nights ago, I dreamt my French teacher gave me a 12/20. I woke up, went to class to retrieve the same 12/20. It's amazing!

    Since I've made researches and I'm actually trying to master my dreams.
    It's pretty fast for me, of course I can't take the control but I'm easily aware when I'm dreaming. It's so interesting!

    But I don't think your instructable actually bring much, though...

    The really useful stuff is the tip on this page, I began this way.

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    Interesting story and thanks for the criticism, any criticism will help improve the instructable. These are the methods I've used and I have managed to have about 10 lucid dreams this year however, everyone is different and the methods may only apply to me

    I have had involuntarily several such dreams, called "duermevela" in Spanish.

    They always taught me something.

    They always were related to people from "the other side", friends who came to explain me very interesting things: the vision mechanism, details of the death passage, the Universe's Log, the human expression and communication, expected changes into universal constants, and things so.

    Sadly, I have forgotten some of them. That of the death was very singular: "they" said me at first that I will forget completely and right away everything, because those details can not be disclosed. And really, I "woke up" wondering, but don't remembering why...

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    deberias escribir tus suen~os en un diario para que no se te olvidan, yo tambien hablo espan~ol (soy mexicano/britanico) y despues de tener las escritas, publicalas!

    Alguna vez escribí algunos, tal vez buscando en archivos viejos pueda encontrarlos. Me acuerdo de algunas partes, también podría intentar escribirlos de nuevo. Son realmente notables.

    I once wrote some of them, perhaps looking at old files i could find them. I remember some parts, could also try writing again. They are really notable.