In general I would say all Weddings and Receptions can be broken down to some very basic elements:

* Rings
* Food
* Celebrant/Priest
* Licence
* Decorations
* Dress
* Invitations
* Venue
*Entertainment and Music

There are many ways of doing all of these that can be perfectly romantic and pleasant whist being quite affordable.

It may be tempting to splash out and spend $10,000+ but in our times of economic uncertainty it is imprudent to start your married life with an enormous debt. So here is my suggestions on how to have a wedding as cheaply as possible.

Step 1: Pick Your Dress

There is a vast array of dress designs you can choose from on Google Images.

There is also a vast array of Chinese Dressmakers who you can access through eBay. If you seek out a store on eBay that makes custom dresses from China you  should be able to get your desired dress for around $155 materials included, although it can take 2-4 months to arrive.

Make sure the images you select to send to the dressmaker are clear and highly detailed. Also make sure you have taken your measurements accurately. If you plan on loosing weight for your big day then adjust your measurments accordingly.

If this is all too much for you you can try buying a second hand dress over eBay, newspaper ads or second hand shops. You may also have a relative who would lend you their dress for some vintage style and added meaning.

Most men own suits but if your beau lacks one try the local second hand store. You'd be amazed at what you can find there sometimes.
<p>Beside this it is also necessary that wedding venue should be within your budget and guests should be limited. http://houseplantation.com/</p>
So the Multicultural Arts of Western Australia center knows that their picture is being used here?
Which one? How did you find the source? <br>
The location picture. Used Tineye reverse image search. A lot of inscrutables uses stolen pictures these days. Hope this isn't one of them.
If you ~do~ decide to get your cake at a bakery, get the smallest size, for the least number of guests, and a second, much cheaper, sheet cake of the same type.
One option you forgot was to have a friend as the officiant. It is easy enough to became ordained online (usually just for the printing and shipping costs of the certificate.) Just be sure to check your state's laws (there may be further requirements). I personally like that option, especially for a secular ceremony (or if you, like me, are of an alternative religion). It's just as personal as having your family's priest marry you, and allows for almost complete freedom.
It's also a heck of a lot cheaper, though then the officiant will be considered as part of the wedding party, which adds costs there, though not as significant.

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