How to have chopped garlic ready

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This is a great way to preserve large amounts of garlic (if you buy big bags at Costco)
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Step 1: Chopping the garlic

Picture of Chopping the garlic
Place desired amount of garlic in a mini prep chopper.  Chop garlic until desired texture is reached.

Step 2: Wrapping it up

Picture of Wrapping it up
Place a mound of garlic on a piece of saran wrap.  Leave enough room so that you can easily wrap the saran wrap around the garlic.

Step 3: Roll until it is a neat package

Picture of Roll until it is a neat package
Roll saran wrap around chopped garlic, shaping it into a perfect neat package, something like a sausage.

Step 4: Store in freezer

Picture of Store in freezer
Store the package of garlic in the freezer until needed.

Step 5:

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When you find the need for garlic, take out of the freezer, unwrap, and cut the amount that you need.  It will defrost as you cook it.  Garlic at the ready!
gene132 years ago
bravo !! je met l'ail haché dans des petites boites plastique puis au congélateur , je suis ta bonne idée.
belle journée
simpo0673 years ago
Another option is to freeze any of the above in ice cube trays. This also adds consistency to your recipes. With onions freeze in small yoghurt pots, one pot is another for a normal size curry.
TheCritic3 years ago
I also put my Ginger in the freezer and slice with a good peeler when I need it. Last for a good 8 months in the freezer when stored proper. Great for stir fry recipes.
sadhbh3 years ago
good idea - I do it with fresh ginger and chillies, not in a roll though, just freeze on a tray and then bag them, makes for super quick stir fries etc. Never tried garlic though, I think I thought it might be a funny taste - but don't know why! Sometimes I wonder about my own mind...
weekofmenus (author)  sadhbh3 years ago
I like the roll makes cutting off a tablespoon easily. I also do it with ginger, but never tried it with chilies- will try that one!!
Now why didn't I think of this!?!?
omnibot3 years ago
This also works with onions. Whever I get leftover onion I put it in a bag in the freezer. After it freezes i crush it up a bit and presto .. finely chopped onions ready at any time.
:-O I'll try both, sounds excellent!
This is absolutely genius. I might need to try this.