Step 12: Whats Next?

Picture of Whats Next?
There are numerous tutorials available to help you master the Arduino. These will all teach you electronics along the way, and provide you the confidence to further your skills. This page on the Arduino website has a list of tutorials: Tutorials. I would recommend a look at the Spooky Arduino by Todbot tutorials (bottom right hand corner of page).

Some of the things you will easily learn to do are:
Read a tilt sensor, use a joystick to control lights, detect sounds, play melodies, drive motors, interface to LCD displays, read a digital compass, read a gps device, etc.

Based on all my links, do you see how easy this is to acquire information? The Arduino site is loaded with information, and there is a forum to ask questions, learn what others are doing and get support: Forum. It doesn't get any better than this!

Ok - if you have actually read all that I have submitted here you are now entitled to print this card below and carry it around. Better yet, get an Arduino and create! Don't forget, whatever you make - its all good, and its fun!
rancid_843 years ago
LOL,, looks like a Cisco Cert Card ! nice
johnpoole4 years ago
thanks for writing that up, i read every word and bookmarked it. your writing style would work as a professional writer. this trash is just to much fun.. i was in the field when transistors were making us all dream of projects.. still do not have a clue as to the next big step.. the arduino is almost limitless.. THANKS AGAIN
safebat6 years ago
Thanks; very well written and well laid out. I was wondering what all the Arduino instructables was about. I'm currently an old fart taking some programming and hardware classes and your lesson has given me an even greater spark of interest and desire to break out the breadboard and electronic parts and start playing the the Arduino programming too. Keep up the good work. I've read a few of these from other authors and they leave a lot of gaps.