Introduction: How to Help Your Plants Grow Faster.

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In this step by step i will show you how to help freshly sprouted plants to grow bigger faster and fuller

Step 1: Suplies.

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You will need
1x freshly sprouted plant
4x TBSPs of sugar
1x letter of warm water
and time...

Step 2: Step 1

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All you have to do is mix the warm water and the sugar together and your done.

Step 3: Tips

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only use this when your plant is just stared to sprout. this helps because your plant, at a youg age cant produce enuff sugar and this will help it along but make sure not to overwater the plant. stop using after your plant has its basic leafs.


fegundez1 (author)2011-09-19

you cant be serious, who is moderating this site these days

kros5920 (author)fegundez12011-09-19

What it does work When a plant just germenates it cant produce sugar well so this helps it.

Mr. E Meat (author)kros59202011-10-08

Not that I'm an expert but, if it works, I think it's more likely that the bacteria in the soil consume the sugars and produce nutrients for plant.

CarlTrin (author)Mr. E Meat2015-09-03

Congratulations for the good thinking

kros5920 (author)Mr. E Meat2011-10-09

theres a chance that some may go to the bacteria but most of it will go to the plant

kkarwan (author)kros59202012-03-29

kros5920 is right plants create glucose through photosynthesis if you put artificial glucose in the soil the plant will absorb it (when dissolved) through the root system.
note: let the warm water cool after dissolving sugar, warm water may promote fast growth but the plants end up smaller.

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