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Many people forget things and they try to remember them but they end up failing to do so. If you forget too much, it can be a problem for you later in the future. In order to help your brain function better on memories and to help yourself from bad outcomes and illness like dementia or Alzheimer, you should practice on remember things and not forgetting things. The following is some examples you can do to help yourself. Dementia and Alzheimer  can be a serious outcome for you when you become old. It is indeed sad and painful to start forgetting things. If you have any questions please comment! Other comments are also love !! Thank you!!
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Step 1: Most common and simple way, jolting down a list

Picture of Most common and simple way, jolting down a list
 Most common people do to remember things or not forget things is to write them down in a list. I do it all the time because I always forget also. The most important thing is that where you write the list down is safe. You always have to keep in mind that you do have a list and that you will always have a list. Don't use just some scrap piece of paper. Buy a notepad, diary, schedule book, planner, or papers that you always keep them in one place. Don't wait to write down things. Write whatever you have to know as soon as you hear it or remember it. 
Really? There was a study? Where? (I was referring to the "study about using your opposite body" thingy)
Kozz4 years ago
I like the comment about using the "opposite body".  Sometimes when I want to remember to do something in particular, I will take my ring and put it on the opposite hand -- an unfamiliar sensation.  You could do this with your watch or a bracelet(etc) too. 

Then when i get home, the sensation of the jewelry in the "wrong" place is constantly there and reminds me to do -- whatever it was I wanted to remember.
meer1130 (author)  Kozz4 years ago
That's cool! What I do by using the opposite body is using my left hand to write and do stuff rather than my right hand all the time. I am right handed so I rarely use my left hand so much. I also switch accessories at times from left side to right side but I don't know yet it that really helped me with anything haha