Do you have information on SD  cards that you don't want anyone to see? Do you like hideing things where no-one will find them? Do I sound like a person from an infomercial? Anyway,this instructable will teach you how to hide SD cards inside video games. 
Specifically,how to hide SD cards inside Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games. This is my first instructable,so comments telling what I did wrong,if I did anything wrong,would be appreciated.

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need.

You will need:

A Gameboy Color game
A Gameboy Advance game
A mini SD card
A Micro SD card
A small flathead screwdriver

Scotch Tape ( not pictured )
Alternatively you could heat up the end of a cheap ballpoint pen casing (with the ink cartridge and roller removed) then press it onto the screw so it sets around it for an ersatz screwdriver.
Thanks! I'll have to try that,and once I verify if it works or not,which it should, do you mind if I use your idea,word for word in the instructable? I'll give credit to you for the idea.
Feel free.
Thanks for allowing me to use the idea. But what do you use to heat the pen? I used a hot glue gun to melt the pen to a putty-like consistancy, but by the time I took it off the tip of the hot glue gun and put it on the screw, it had hardened again. So it hardens the second I take the pen off the hot glue gun. It didn't work heating it with a glue gun. Or maybe I just used the wrong kind of pen.
These are the kind of pens I meant: http://bit.ly/mWFSPn<br><br>And to melt them I just tend to use a lighter, or a soldering iron. Surprised a glue gun isn't doing the job, if it's melting as you say it should be fine, though I guess you do have to be a bit quick in applying it to the screw.<br><br>I should also point out that it's not a long-term solution, in that the pen casings I've used for this tend to shatter in a fairly short amount of time - but it lasts long enough for me to remove the screws and replace them with ordinary phillips ones.
I'm still having trouble with it even when useing the specific pens you said and an open flame in the form of a candle (Which melts the pen to a liquid consistancy) Do you have an instructable or youtube videos or something to use pictures to help explain the process?

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