This instructible will demonstrate basic steganography by showing you how to hide one image in another.

For these instructions you will need:
one image to hide,
one image to hide the other.

Step 1: A Little Bit About Steganography

Steganography is the act of hiding information in something else. It is favorable over encryption because encryption only obscures the meaning of the information, steganography hides the very existence of the information, also, encrypted data tends to attract attention, which often proves fatal to any agent. This art (for lack of a better phrase) has been around for centuries, and has many forms, one common low-tech method is simple invisible ink, another, ancient method involved tattooing the information on the top of someone's head and allowing hair to grow over it. My favorite example is the artwork of Lord Baden-Powell, in which he hid the maps and plans of an enemy base in drawings of insects and leaves while posing as a naturalist.

The method i will show you hides an image by modifying each pixel in it's host. It only changes the least significant bits of each pixel, this means it makes tiny changes that are unnoticeable to a person.
<p>Similar to @IsidroV, I created an iPhone/iPad app that implements a similar method of steganography. My app allows you to hide one photo within another. It's free, so please check it out:</p><p><a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/veil-hide-and-reveal-photos/id1171571496" rel="nofollow">https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/veil-hide-and-reve...</a></p>
<p>Thanks man</p>
<p>We just release our first android app which implements seteganography to test text messages. In next release it will also support images in images as weel files in images. It is also possible to hide secrets on audio or video files, but that is not schedule yet. <br><a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pt.serprest.Stego" rel="nofollow">https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pt.s...</a></p>
<p>Great instructable!<br>Had no problem following the steps in Photoshop. <br>I even managed to make a 32 color image by using &quot;FF C0 80 40 00&quot; for different colors and then lowering them to &quot;04 03 02 01 00&quot;.<br>The only thing that I didn't get to work was the last part, using brightness/contrast. Image was still black. But the &quot;Atuo Contrast&quot; button solved it.<br>Awesome!</p>
Great Read! This is a great art in modern days. I think the most common usage of this technique is in Image Stegnography. <br>Please have a look here: http://www.imagesteganography.com
and THIS is what those random sample pictures that come with windows are for.
&nbsp;There's <a href="http://www.brothersoft.com/steganography-download-137609.html" rel="nofollow">a simpler way to do steganography</a>. It's a software, yes. It looks weak, yes. But it's simple to use. I'll post an Instructable on how to make steganography using the aforementioned software right now.
&nbsp;done with <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steganography-the-easy-way/" rel="nofollow">my instructable</a>!
Neat! I remember running across a piece of software ages ago that encrypted information into images. I imagine it worked in a similar way, only a bit faster than doing it by hand. ;)
I show how to do it by hand to teach how it works. I find it easer to learn by doing.
Oh! I totally agree. :)
very cool! I've left comments on a couple other instructables recommending this over encryption but never thought to go out and do an instructable on it.
I would recommend this <em>with</em> encryption.<br/>

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