How to Hide Stuff in a Floppy Disk





Introduction: How to Hide Stuff in a Floppy Disk

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Nobody uses floppy disks anymore so why not turn that unused floppy into a convenient way to hide your things from prying eyes...

So today I present:

Step 1: Dissasemble the Floppy

This is relatively easy, just make sure that you don't break the disk. I used a pocket knife and cut the places where the corners are held together. Put your disk aside for now.

Step 2: Find the Things You Want to Hide

Now you find something you want to hide, in this case I wanted to hide an SD card with some sensitive information (see picture). You can use anything that is thin enough.

Step 3: Make a Hiding Place

Now we need to cut a space for the object to sit in, I traced and cut an SD card sized hole in the disk

Step 4: Put It Back Together

Now you need to put the thing back together. You don't need the soft things but you need the disk. I simply taped the bottom and used the clip to hold it together.

Step 5: Final Thoughts.

You are done. I sugest adding a label to your disk to fool those trying to steal your data.



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    I don't know if you were being sarcastic but.... My brother has a 512 MB SD-card.....

    18 replies

    I was being sarcastic. You can get 16GB SDHC cards! That's like 2 full DVDs in the size of your thumb.

    And now, just a year after this comment, you can get 32GB *Micro* SDHC cards.  That's more than 4 full DVDs in the size of your thumb NAIL!  It's amazing how fast technology is advancing these days!

    And only little more than a year that comment also, you can now get 128 GB SD cards. Is this evolution exponential or what?

    It's been a while so I thought I'd chime in that you can now get SD cards of 512 GB and 128 GB mSD.

    I have 2 devices that settle on the lower end. An SD car at 256 MB, and an old 8 MB flash drive.

    ok cool

    Just figured I'd throw that out there. Also have a 2 GB flash drive that has 120 MB left of space...


    you can get 1tb sd cards, and the NSA uses 3pB cards, but that is not for sale, as it would render other storage obsolete with its hugeness. (that is untel the new adobe pdf comes out, cutting the space in half. roflmao)

    Are you serious?? 3PB in just under 2cm2. No way.

    Big whoop they now have a 128 gb Flash Drive

    Um... you do realise what a petabyte is.. right?

    Im sorry I read it wrong and yes I do 1000bytes to the 8th power

    um actually i think that it is 1024 bytes to the 8th power

     Yes it is but most people just simply round down.

     I have some lower-end stuff too. A 4 MB memory stick, and a 16 MB SD Card