Picture of How to hide stuff in a floppy disk
Nobody uses floppy disks anymore so why not turn that unused floppy into a convenient way to hide your things from prying eyes...

So today I present:

Step 1: Dissasemble the floppy

Picture of Dissasemble the floppy
This is relatively easy, just make sure that you don't break the disk. I used a pocket knife and cut the places where the corners are held together. Put your disk aside for now.
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Vynash6 years ago
I don't know if you were being sarcastic but.... My brother has a 512 MB SD-card.....
munchman (author)  Vynash6 years ago
I was being sarcastic. You can get 16GB SDHC cards! That's like 2 full DVDs in the size of your thumb.
And now, just a year after this comment, you can get 32GB *Micro* SDHC cards.  That's more than 4 full DVDs in the size of your thumb NAIL!  It's amazing how fast technology is advancing these days!
And only little more than a year that comment also, you can now get 128 GB SD cards. Is this evolution exponential or what?

It's been a while so I thought I'd chime in that you can now get SD cards of 512 GB and 128 GB mSD.

Vynash munchman6 years ago
I have 2 devices that settle on the lower end. An SD car at 256 MB, and an old 8 MB flash drive.
ok cool
Just figured I'd throw that out there. Also have a 2 GB flash drive that has 120 MB left of space...
you can get 1tb sd cards, and the NSA uses 3pB cards, but that is not for sale, as it would render other storage obsolete with its hugeness. (that is untel the new adobe pdf comes out, cutting the space in half. roflmao)
munchman (author)  klingonprins6 years ago
Are you serious?? 3PB in just under 2cm2. No way.
Big whoop they now have a 128 gb Flash Drive
munchman (author)  Chromatica6 years ago
Um... you do realise what a petabyte is.. right?
Im sorry I read it wrong and yes I do 1000bytes to the 8th power
um actually i think that it is 1024 bytes to the 8th power
 Yes it is but most people just simply round down.
 I have some lower-end stuff too. A 4 MB memory stick, and a 16 MB SD Card
actaully thats more like 4-10 depending the size of the dvd
Oi234 years ago
I wish I'd thought of a floppy disk. My instructable about hideing SD cards inside Gameboy games has more misdirection,though.
WurdBendur4 years ago
What happens if somebody puts it in a drive? When the drive tried to spin the disc, the SD card could jam up inside and get the disk stuck. Maybe you should cut around the hub so it can spin independently.

Then again, anyone who uses floppy disks is all too familiar with jammed disks caused by the shutter getting bent.
Istarian5 years ago
Actually, what would be interesting is if you could find a way to squeeze the card ( or it's circuity) in along with the floppy and not damage either. Then store useless data on the floppy to deter suspicion. Or, you could design a mechanism to emulate the magnetic material of the floppy and attach some kind of mechanical mechanism that will trigger it to read from a storage device (sd card, rom, eeprom) or cause it to send garbage and make the computer think the floppy needs to be formatted.
master key5 years ago
I still use Floppy disks.
Shiftlock5 years ago
Who has floppy disks anymore?  Figure out how to do this with a DVD and you'll really have an amazing trick!
i remember one time my friend hid a small bag of ganja in a CD case, i think it would be the last place his mom would look
now only icould find my cash lol
erikals6 years ago
Is it actually easy to get the cover off the floppy disk and gain your SD card again? Great Instructable.
munchman (author)  erikals6 years ago
Yep, just pull off the plastic/metal clip and unfold the two halves of the disk.
thanks munchman
I've published another instructable that should make old WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows users interested:
Includes files.
Great Instructable, by the way
gmjhowe7 years ago
i noticed u lost the spring, people mite catch on if the cover aint working having said that, we use to use them without the metal bit on often! all u need now, is something that destroys/wipes the sd card when inserted into a floppy drive!
munchman (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
Yeah! Shame flash drives aren't magnetic. Magnets would be fun! But I suppse you could somehow implement a card reader? Or make the floppy nto a card reader and use a floppy drive to read the SD card!
i was thinking more along the lines of some kind of pcb melting acid stored in a capsule that is triggered when the sleeve is slid back. turning a floppy drive onto an sd card ready sounds like a good idea. get on it!
PKM gmjhowe7 years ago
In my naive youth, before USB flash drives were ubiquitous, CD burners were £20 and I knew how to wire a network, I wanted a cable with a fake floppy disk on each end (like a car stereo "tape converter" but floppy->floppy rather than 3.5mm->tape) so you could plug one end into each computer, set one loading from the disk and the other saving to the disk. Now I realise what a terrible idea that is, and why no-one had done it before. My point is I'd still like to see a cable with a fake floppy on one end and a USB flash drive/SD/CF/hard disk/network/whatever else reader on the other end, so you can easily put files on legacy machines if you don't have another machine with a floppy drive. Shame it's borderline impossible and well beyond borderline crazy.
munchman (author)  PKM7 years ago
munchman (author)  munchman7 years ago
Although I don't see the problems with the floppy -> floppy idea?
Yeah all you'd really need is a little coil in the floppy above where the read/write head would go in the drive, attack the wires of the coil to another one of those disks in the other pc - or something lol. Or you could just use a serial to serial connection if it has no USB/CD :P
The hardware wouldn't be the problem, it's the fact that the information on the disk isn't just a string of bytes but has a file system. You could possibly write a program to get around this and just stream bytes to/from the disk drive, but then you are just implementing a very simple network with obtuse hardware. It's not the weirdest hack I've seen, one of the groups in my degree had to build a device that let you stream files off a computer by putting a grid of photocells over the monitor and flashing squares black and white to push information out :)
gmjhowe PKM7 years ago
in understand what u mean, my advice for legacy machines is hdds, old machines use ide connections,but it is still standrad to find this connection on most new computers, if u arnt scared of poking around, this would be ur best bet
Derin gmjhowe7 years ago
yea correct mine has 2 ide 2 sata(may be more hidden satas that the ide is blocking)
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