Picture of How to hide things from your family
Here is how to hide things from your family.
just remember if you get caught it wasn't my fault.
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Step 1: Finding a spot

Picture of Finding a spot
First, you need to find a spot to hide your items. A good spot is some where in your room in the back of a rarely used drawer.

Step 2: Put your ittems in

Picture of Put your ittems in
Place all of your items in your spot. If you are hiding money i suggest keeping it in a wallet because it can roll around easily.

Step 3: Cover it up!

Picture of Cover it up!
Then cover it up with some old clothes or something and then you're done!
j0sh115 months ago

to figure out if ur parents know ur hiding spots crush up pills into white powder and put them in a ziploc bag and write cocaine on the bag then put it in u best hiding spot. when ur parents find it u can say its fake. u can only do this once because they will realize what u did

benjgvps6 years ago
If you have a computer and it is custom built or the OEM made it easy to get into... Makes a good spot as there is plenty of room under the PCI / Video cards if the item is not too large. Plus, who would open your computer? I know the rest of my family knows that they would defiantly screw something up if they ever had the smallest thought to open a computer.
They would just see it through the the window in the case :P
I am more of a mid cost tower kind of guy, The only type of windows in my computer is the operating system!
On my laptop, not even that! No windows at all!
(removed by author or community request)
Not if everyone at home builds and mods their own computers. In our house taking off or putting on the side of a computer case is an everyday type of activity.
Yeah, only problem though is that new laptops have warranty seals on those compartments, so hiding stuff there = voiding warranty. If you have an old laptop, or one whose warranty has anyway expired, you can do it.
ha i do that
ve2vfd6 years ago
You're funny... :) You seem to think parents don't know where their kids hide stuff, like we've never done it ourselves... Rest assured, we know how and where you kids hide stuff, it's just that in most cases we choose to pretend like we don't know. :)
no offense (old timer) but new places are being discovered by drug addicts daily.
Some of us "old timer" parents did drugs too. BTW- I change my daughter's bed and collect her laundry. I put it away too. Beds and laundry are not good if you are a teen and live at home. She has some pretty stupid and creative places to hide stuff, but she is only 15: wall sockets, books with compartments, battery compartments, fake cans of Pepsi, lotion bottles, above the drop ceiling, stuffed animals, under the soil in a plastic bag in a plant pot, behind picture frames, inside picture frames, computer cases, pens, speakers, CD cases: inside and under the labels, taped under tables, behind drawers, the toilet tank, in winter boots (in the summer) below the insoles, inside the guitar, IN the wall, You name it she's tried it. It's only money and notes and and stuff. Nothing to be bothered about. Someday I won't be able to find it though. She doesn't know where I hide my stuff. Anyway, it's set so that I know if she peeked. The secret is letting the kid think that their stash Is still hidden and undiscovered. And putting choice things in easy but not so obvious places. A distraction stash of "secret" unimportant stuff is a good diversion from a real one. If she finds condoms "hidden" under the bed or in the back of a drawer she won't check in the table leg.
 axe can always works ;)
Unless this generation is smarter...there's actually a collaborative effort going on between the good part of about 50 million teens. We plant decoy items in the typical hiding spots, just so that you don't suspect the real ones. For instance, when was the last time you pulled on the 3rd book from the left on the second shelf down of your child's book case?
*Looks around at his college classmates* (I'm in the cafeteria, not a class.)

Nope, this generation is most certainly dimmer than that of the previous. There are a few shining individuals in the gloom though.

Look at how most people park these days for further proof.
what if he actually finds like a bong or something, haha
mine did... that was... how do we say, "awkward"
oooo ouch
very much so
very much so why we have instructables... ever see the ones about using a can opener to cut off the bottom of your deodorant? that works a charm around my parents...
all it takes is a need and a little creativity and you parents are clueless
nruegs6 years ago
I've always hidden my stuff in the electronics-related detritus that covers my desk(altoids tins, hard drive enclosures, telephones, etc), because I figured people would pass it up as they looked for the stuff that was hidden in drawers or under piles of crap/clothes.
How are altoids tins electronics-related?
Altoids tins are pretty useful as enclosures for simple projects like usb chargers and cmoy amps. Search "altoids tin" on this site to see what I mean.
Best place is to empty a battery cartridge and put your money in it.
it works, except if someone is searching for a battery, finds that.
since, there is no charge, they will just throw it away.
so do this at your own cost
Best of luck!
Linux_hero3 years ago
Just slice a small hole in your mattress. It works awesome
(removed by author or community request)
n64 cartridges! best place to keep a few bucks...
this doesnt really deserve an instructable....its like put it in a drawer and put clothes on it..not too special...sorry
finfan76 years ago
The best way to hide something is to make it so they are never looked for.
i made an invisible compartment behind a wooden drawyer. it blends right in. perfect for hiding youur stash.
I have a great spot behind the CD rack my desk has built in next to my PC. If I move my PC over, and reach around behind the rack, there's a giant storage area where I keep lighters, pictures, and other things. It's pretty much perfect, because it's big enough to hide anything and everything I need to. I could literally fit a 24 pack of beer in it, with room to spare.
magetrainee6 years ago
haha right
okoshima6 years ago
I have no need to hide things from my parents, But if i ever did i have some spots that would never be found apart from the ones they know about (secret drawer in 3 1/2 floppy slot) i would tell them but then they would be public domain
burton60546 years ago
put it in the back expansion port of a ps2
magetrainee6 years ago
true point, anyway sometimes parents actualy don't know you're hiding something, you can easily tell by seeing if thy come storming towards you with some sort of umm..... "naughty" or not good item you've hidden. anyway, another good meathod is to start potting a plant in your room and then hide whatever you want in a zip lock bag in the plants dirt
That's a good one! Cept if its a more contraband item, it goes in your neighbors potted plant on their front porch.
pyro136 years ago
Nah, my parents check my drawers too often. There are better stash spots. up in drywall from unscrewing light fixtures. Buried in your neighbors flower garden. Duct taped to the ceiling of a park storm drain 100 yards in. in the top branches of the rotting tree down the block.
jeff-o6 years ago
As a parent, the first place I'd look would be the back of the drawers. Time to get more creative, my young padawan!
110100101106 years ago
you can hide at the BACK of the drawyer like in take it out and duct tape your drawings of dreams to its back from outside last year some of our classmates hid a bottle of vodka in a light ceiling (those 0.6 X 0.6 tiles) in a school trip. then one slammed a mop into the ceiling by accident and the bottle fell out and shattered on the floor