This instructable will hopefully show you how to hold your shuriken,knifes,nunchuca,and odd ninja weapons without cutting you and your cloths.

Step 1: Knifes

The best way to hold your knifes depends on what kind of knives you have.

If you have folding knives skip this step. If you have throwing knives without a loop at the end, rubber bands are good for holding them together so they don't make noise, but you need to get a pouch to hold them in that hooks to your belt, or run string through any holes they do have and tie that to your belt.

If you have kuni that have a loop at the end you can use Velcro.(sold at Wallmart and fabric stores.)
Cut the strips off of the male and female Velcro about four inches long and super glue them together at one end.now run it through the loop and secure it to your belt. Then cut a strip of the male and female Velcro about two inches long and glue it at the ends,then wrap around the handle below the blade.

Step 2: Nunchuca

The best way to hold you Nunchuca is to put them in a pouch hooked onto your belt but how many people actually have pouches?! So the next best way to carry them is to get some thin leather strips,Wrap them around you nunchucks in an eight pattern 8(so you make them the right size.)staple the ends together and tie this to you belt.

Step 3: Throwing Spikes

The best way to carry spikes is once again to have a pouch to put them in. The next best way is to wrap them in one or two bandannas,rubber band them and put them in you pocket. However, If they are to big to fit in you pocket you can strap them to your belt/arm/leg with leather and/or cloth.

If you strap them to your arm or leg with a bandanna wrap medical tape around it tightly first.

If you have them on your belt you might also want to wrap cloth around the ends to avoid stabbing yourself to death on accident.

Step 4: Shuriken

These are by far the hardest thing to carry without a pouch.

The best way I have found to carry them is to make holders on my belt.
you can look at the pic to see what I mean.

The next way is to wrap them in cloth, rubber band them and put them in my pockets.

Thanks for reading this, it was my first instructable!
<p>how would you keep a kusarigama in place?</p>
Do real ninjas use tape?
why don't you go ask Mcguiver! He used to teach the resourceful ninja class in the garage!
<p>I love that show!!! Maciver</p>
lol tats a good question xDD
<p>Hey! Great post, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Bisquick+the+ninja/" rel="nofollow">Bisquick the ninja</a>. I read a post with other ninja weapons and I'm wondering how do you use a &quot;kakute&quot; and a &quot;kusari fundo&quot;?</p><p>You can see where i found the other <a href="http://www.10deadliest.com/10-deadly-ninja-weapons/2/" rel="nofollow">ninja weapons</a> here.</p>
<p>The graphics are very bad and your drawings too.Your spelling,OH!I mean how old are you?</p>
<p>Ha! Say's the person who has an avatar for little kids that are 8 &amp; below.</p>
What is a Nunchuca? Nice awkward name
aka nunchucks
Hey, the &quot;throwing spikes&quot; are great, but they are techically called &quot;Senbon&quot;, or acupuncture needles.&nbsp; Just a little heads up!
They are called Bo shuriken, not acupuncture needles
dont give a heads up if you're not even right acupuncture needles are nothing like bo shuriken or senbon
It's spelled SHURIKEN, not shurican.
hang on, isnt the whole point of a ninja to spy on or dispence a target silently and without being caught? so why are you using velcro to keep the weapons together? as soon as you try and get a weapon out to kill your target they would be allerted of your presence and would call guards or something
That is a VERY good point! Velcro is pretty much only good for running and jumping to relocate without making much sound. Snaps are quiet but take more time to make sturdy enough to last. I would not recommend buttons because they are slow to disengage if you need mediate access to tools or weapons.
also you need to stop using naruto and the such as your base line for ninjutsu matters either learn about real ninjutsu or just re title the threads you make to include the words naruto
How about rather strong magnets?<br />
erm, well the magnets may hold it in place but the metal would slip and fall off, and if the magnets were strong enough to hold the shuriken strongly, you may have trouble getting the shuriken off the magnet, and being that shuriken are literally four blades everywhere you can grip, it is also a close range weapon primarily used as a distraction while fleeing, and having to stop climbing a wall to get a shuriken to throw at somebody.<br />
if the magnets were used as a clasp to hold a pouch closed, it would be very effective<br />
well you could use like a bit of excess fabric to tuck in or something, probably best to use a bow (shoelace knot) cos u can easily un-do that
Lmho!!!!!!<br />
The way I see it, you would try using a bow and arrows or dart gun before detected, if detecte, then you would move on to these.
well, yes but often you have to get up close and if guards just dropped down you would think people would start to get worried and then it would be hard to infiltrate a building ect to assassiate a particular person. <br />
I know, and that's way ninjas are trained in martial arts and the art of escaping.
you cant spell 手裏剣 right<br>
No shuriken i've ever seen looks like that, exept maybe a jujiken. Shuriken with holes would sometimes be worn on a dowel put in the belt like a sword. Others would be wrapped in cloth and put in hidden pockets in the clothes. the &quot;spikes&quot; are actually called &quot;bo shuriken&quot;. Nunchaku are an okinawan weapon and were not used by ninja. Kunai didn't look that way either unless you take some stereotype 80's ninjer movie to be accurate. they were based on masonry tools, and were very heavy. Please look at better sources for this kind of thing
this is naruto-based ninja weapons, not historically accurate i guess.
ok, you misspelled shuriken. Apple_4_life, if you take naruto as an example for ninja, you are pathetic. and toxicwolf, they are called bo shuriken.
what you are calling spikes are really called senbon if you know anything about ninjas you should know that
what are the spikes for?<br />
or you could just put them in a shuriken holster...
personally i utilse my gauntlets so that there a trick up my sleeve, plus they work well as arm guards. if youd been a member of a nintaijutsu, or shinobi ryu you would learn to not have unneccessary packs pouches or restrictions on movement, all weapons are incorperated into the nensha gee, alternatively if your using your arms to conceal spike fans or bo-shurikan you could tuck them into your tabi boots. cool instructable though other than that, shin ken haramitsu dai ko mo.
Thanks man!
Good instructable, though, any instructable with that many spelling/wording errors will attract criticism. :P
Dear Bisquick The Ninja, I found all of this helpfull (partially cause my bo-shurikens used to stab me XD) Dont listen to sum of those haters who try to correct you >.> But i need to ask you a favour I recently got 'caltrops' and i was wonderin. How do i keep em in my pants XD Talkcha soon, Chip Yagami
This has stumped me as well. I don't have caltrops ("makibishi", if I'm not mistaken), but I would keep them in a curved, relatively flat, puncture-proof canister (like a flask or Yahtzee shaker) so that they could be easily tied to a leg or belt, and easily deployed without stabbing yourself in the hand. Just spill them out when you need them. Up close, fling the contents at your opponent's face.
I don't have any yet so I can't tell you but If you want to try some stuff and tell me how you keep them contained I'll be glad to put it in my ibl! Peace
its 'shuriken'...
Questions: What school(s) and/or style(s) of martial arts do you use or have been trained in? I assume this is for the modern ninja since you suggest using tape and velcro; however, have you thought of adding alteratives like leather (sheets or strips), pelts, etc? more to follow...
I would definitely prefer leather but I can't find places to get it near were I live and fake stuff just doesn't work. =9 <br/>
I have had NO training. But that does not stop me from doing what I do! =9 <br/>
you put the kunai into the knife category however that is a common misconception spread by shows like *gag* &quot;naruto&quot; it was in fact a type of trowel <br/>
Dude your like (checks watch) a year late. this has been discussed at length on more than one ibl. Kunai were trowels, but ninjas used sharpened kunai as knifes because more times than not they couldn't afford to buy high quality knifes and swords and they were easy to obtain and hide in your flower pot. =9<br/>
The spikes are called senbon or Bo-Shurkin. You also forgot crow's feet.
Yeah I had them right in my earlier ibl but when I changed it I forgot to fix that ! =9 and Yup you are right again, But I didn't forget them,I don't own any so I don't know how to cary them!?? I'm going to get some soon though so I will update this then! thanks for the comment by the way!<br/>
I think it's easier to just make a pouch for your belt.
Very helpful instructable. I found it mostly helpful and will rate it accordingly.
Good job, 15zhangfra is beating up on you over nothing ( I think he must be jealous)

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