Picture of How to hollow out a book.
Hi guys i am going show you how to hollow out a book (NOTE: steps 2-3 are only necessary if you cant find a book that is hard coved.)
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
What you will need

1. A book (I used an old phone book.)

2. Some thin cardboard (You will only need this if your book if not hard cover)

3. Clear drying paper glue

4. Utility knife

5. Scissors

6. Pen

Step 2: Cuting out pages

Picture of Cuting out pages
Grab about 10 pages it the start the the end of the book and cut them out.

Step 3: Gluing in the cardboard

Picture of Gluing in the cardboard
Put some glue on the cardboard and stick it to the inside of the two covers of the book.  This makes it hard covered.

Step 4: Mark out the hole

Picture of Mark out the hole
Use a DVD case to mark out a hole.

Step 5: Start cutting

Picture of Start cutting
Start cutting the pages on the lines you make with the pen and pull the cut pieces (make sure you go all the way to edges.)

Step 6: Time to glue

Picture of Time to glue
To start put a plastic bag over the cover so that the glue doesn’t stick it shut .

Step 7:

Picture of
Make a squiggly line of glue on all three sides and rub it in with a piece of cardboard.

Step 8: Wait :(

Picture of Wait :(
Put something heavy on top of it and wait for 12 hours (This gets boring so you should probably do it over night.)