Picture of How to hollow out a lightbulb
I know this had been done before, but the one before had bad images. They were all blurry.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Basicly all you need is a screw driver and a 1 - 2 inch long nail and pliers.

Step 2: Take off the brass top off

Picture of Take off the brass top off
take the pliers and CAREFULY remove the brass top with the solder on it

Step 3: Take the Black Glass off

Picture of Take the Black Glass off
There is a "semi cone" thingy of black glass that the brass top is attached to

Step 4: Remove the air proof seal

Picture of Remove the air proof seal
Take a screwdriver and LIGHTLY tap the glass untill it shattered, then remove the filiment. It is tricky to remove this

Step 5: Remove the white stuff inside

Picture of Remove the white stuff inside
Take something Grainular like sand or salt or something. I used sprinkles because i didnt have any salt or sand.

Put a paper towel over the top and shake like crazy untill theres no more white stuff

Step 6: Rinse and execute

Picture of Rinse and execute
Now fill the glass with water and shake so all the fine particles get out and everything is nice and shiny.
Then use it for whatever you want!
blue_unicorn made it!4 months ago
Not as hard as I thought it'd be
msmall23 years ago
This was good, thanks for the help!
honigkuchen4 years ago
"Take off" doesn't exactly describe what I had to do here: I had to hammer really hard.
honigkuchen4 years ago
I don't know if it was for the german lightbulb I used or for whatever but tapping lightly with a screwdriver didn't do anything I had to use a hammer instead.
 Thank you. very good and helpful.
chriskarr6 years ago
And you said your pictures weren't as blurry as his! Liar! (Step 5 picture 2)
H3xx chriskarr6 years ago
its a picture in motion dude, its gonna be blurry.
Nameless376 years ago
I got most of the white stuff out with water but i used salt afterwords to ensure there wasn't any left.
why do the sprinkles/sand/ salt? i just ran it under the sink. worked fine.
Scott_Tx7 years ago
I just hollowed out my first light bulb. I had trouble with the brass end/black glass stuff cause I couldn't get a good grip on it with pliers so I used a bench vice and kept pinching the end and rotating it till it finally got under the brass and I could pull it off with pliers. Then I used a drill and followed down the one wire on the side till the hole was big enough to get needle nosed pliers in and snapped it all out. I used a burn out larger 3 way bulb, it looks neat. Now what do I want to do with it?
Browncoat7 years ago
If the bulb's already clear, do you need to do the sand/sprinkles/etc step?
nm918273 (author)  Browncoat7 years ago
Sgt.Waffles7 years ago
Yeah, my pictures were REEEALLY blurry. /sarcasm
relax. Your picture at http://www.instructables.com/id/Light-Bulb-Shrimp-Aquarium/?ALLSTEPS were by no means blurry, but these are sharper.
Anyways, your project is about shrimp, hollowing a lightbulb is just a side-show!

anyways, both projects are neat
nm918273 (author)  Sgt.Waffles7 years ago