I know this had been done before, but the one before had bad images. They were all blurry.
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Step 5: Remove the white stuff inside

Picture of Remove the white stuff inside
Take something Grainular like sand or salt or something. I used sprinkles because i didnt have any salt or sand.

Put a paper towel over the top and shake like crazy untill theres no more white stuff

Step 6: Rinse and execute

Now fill the glass with water and shake so all the fine particles get out and everything is nice and shiny.
Then use it for whatever you want!
chriskarr6 years ago
And you said your pictures weren't as blurry as his! Liar! (Step 5 picture 2)
H3xx chriskarr5 years ago
its a picture in motion dude, its gonna be blurry.