In this instructable you will learn how to hone a knife so it has a razor sharp edge. Warning when using a knife this sharp be extra careful because you could lose a finger or cut yourself so bad that you bleed to death!

Step 1: Use rough fileing or a whetstone

In this step you are going to bring the angle of the cutting edge to about 10 degrees because the angle of a factory sharpened blade is crap. The new angle should be about 1/4 or more inches long. A whetstone does a nicer job but i used a file when i did this.(See picture.)
that looks like a homemade knife... (other than the "saw" part of it) is it?
The "saw" part is called a serrated edge. I believe it is used to cause more damage in the stab.
<strong>I WAS ASKING IF IT WAS HOMEMADE</strong><br/>
i made the serrated edge useing diferent sized metal files.
That is some good craftsmanship. It looks professional.
i know these comments are extremely old. but could you post an instructable on how you made the serrated edge ? i would love to see that done.
I couldn't care less what you were asking. I was telling you the name of the serrated edge.
okay......... btw.. are you some sort of fighting/blade expert?
Not really fighting. I do study blades and the like sometimes. Sorry for the rude comment. I was ticked at somebody at the time.
dude the serrated edge is to help cut stuf not to cause more damage in the stab
but it does do more damage in a stab if you stab someone.
ya but y would you stab any one in the first place i mean even for protecton u woulden't want to urt the person to badle just enough so they can't harm u
It is for no such thing...
If you are going to tell me wrong, please have the balls to explain. If it is not for that, explain what it IS for, instead of saying, "You are wrong," and leaving it at that.
Knives today are not made with killing in mind. The serations are a utility meant to help in cutting twine or other tough packaging that can't just be sliced. This is not the middle ages. Killing is not a large market.
Thank you, sir. And I have an authentic Marine Combat knife with a serrated part. I believe COMBAT knives were made for COMBAT and killing in mind. This is where I got the idea.
Well now that I know where you got such an idea I can say for sure now. A marines knife is made for more than just killing. A soldier needs to survive in adverse conditions. Let's say he/she gets lost in the woods and night is coming quickly. The soldier needs to build a shelter. A serrated knife is a very good tool for this. The marines have the greatest firearms training anyone could have. The rifle will always be their main weapon. Knife training however is minimal at best. One last thing. I highly doubt your knife is an "authentic marine combat knife" as you say. If this point was stressed when you bought it then it is most likely fake.
I see. I see. I'm only 13, so I have no clue about the world outside of Kentucky/Ohio/Indiana. Actually, this knife was given to me by my Uncle Bob (seriously, Uncle Bob) who was in the Marines for a time. He never explained anything, but meh.
One THOSE uncles huh?
Seriously. Everyone has an Uncle Bob.
I didn't. I had a step grandpa Larry. No joke. He gave me my first bottle of gunpowder.
A Marine's mind is his primary weapon. Serrations are good for cutting line ('rope' etc) and for other tool-ish uses.
&nbsp;Indeed. &nbsp;A marine's primary weapon is his (or her's) mind, and their hands used as tools as well as weapons. Weapons as hands, that sort of thing.
I made a post and then deleted it. I thought might cry if you read it.
I know this is an older post ,. but I wanted to clear something up. The serrated edge is a feature meant to ensure you always have a sharp cutting edge available even when the straight blade has been dulled. The points of the serration take the abuse while protecting the semi-circular edges between them. I seem to recall serrated edges initially found popularity in steak houses where they were used by patrons to cut their cheap steaks without the proprietors having to constantly resharpen them(still popular for that purpose today). That being said, for any purpose under the sun(be it cutting wood, rope, or flesh) I'll take a sharp straight blade any day. Peace.
dude you are stupid thats not what its ment for and any ways your only 13 what the hell do u kno about killing
no need to get angry over this now is there? cut em some slack dude look at the words "i believe" doesnt meen you have to take it as a fact its just an opinion.
very intresting.... never thought about using a file or sabd paper. then again i prefer the more athentic way with a whetstone. your opinion, whitch better file or stone?
Why is Patience capitalized?
because its important?
becaues it's a name.
Just a note, stropping the blade (rubbing it against the leather) with plain leather will do virtually nothing. Normally there is supposed to be a fine abrasive paste rubbed into the leather first; this fine coat of abrasives is what actually removes/shapes microscopic amounts of metal.<br />
What are you cutting?
they are dryed out 1/4 inch oak branches
what do you use as the oil?
ive been using "3-in-ONE" oil. it workes quite well
To test if a knife is "Truly" sharp is if you can shave with it (without cutting your own throat). However, it seems to me that many of those commenting here would not be old enough to shave!
hahah i use it to shave every morning. keep my chinstrap beard looking nice. lol
Where do you get the sharping oil?
i use "3-in-one" oile and i get it from any hardwear store. its easy to find. you can prob even get it at walmart
im in a knife fightin league this indistrutible is very useful but my knife is serrated does anyone no how to take it off without destorying the blade?
No. If it serrated, get a new one. No way to remove it unless you have very good machining skills.
a knife fighting league? sounds like a wonderful way to lost body parts.
when you say indistrutible, do you mean instructable?
you need a special clay to use with the leather, its called a strop.
which side of leather?
the smoothest side
I have a suitcase full of serrated edged knives that I've retired from the workplace mostly because they are cheaper to buy new ones but also because the serrated edges do great with ropes and such while new and sharp but when they begin to dull due to use they begin to hang in the teeth. A blade as shown would be good for skinning and such and could do some serious damage in a fight. Not only for stabbing but also very easy to inflict stinging shallow or even deep slashing wounds! I also have a KABAR like the young man spoke of and it is true issue not some BudK knock-off. Very good knives for many applications!

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