Introduction: How to Hook Up a Xbox 360 to a PC Monitor

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If you want to hook up your Xbox 360 to your computer monitor because your TV is small or the picture quality is terrible, I will show you how. Is it an expensive job you may ask, Nope, Only $10 in parts from my local Radioshack. Please leave a comment so I get feedback

Update 3/4/09: New final pictures added.
Update 10/26/09: New Comments Added To The Pictures!

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Step 1: Time to Find the Parts!

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Before you start this project, you need a few things.

1. Xbox 360 Console

2. LCD or CRT Computer Monitor. ( Just for a quick FYI, Mine is a 20 inch Dell wfp)

3.Stereo female RCA to male 3.5mm Cable Which Is needed to get the sound from your computer speakers.

4.Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable if your monitor does not have a component port. (mine does so no pictures)

PLEASE READ: to get the part 3 & 4, go to or Radioshack ( I got my cables at Radioshack for $10)

Step 2: Hook Up the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable

Picture of Hook Up the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable

If your monitor has a composite port, skip this step!


1. Unplug The Old Cable From Your Xbox 360.

2. Unplug the VGA cable out of your monitor.

3. Insert the AV Connector on the Cable Into The Xbox 360.

4. Screw The VGA Cable Into Your Monitor

NOTE: I have a composite cable on my monitor so there will be no pictures for this step. I am sorry.

Step 3: Hook Up the Speakers

Picture of Hook Up the Speakers

Now turn on your Xbox and your monitor. You will notice something immediately, WHERE IS THE SOUND! Luckily, the hook up is dead simple.

1. Unplug your speakers from your computer. ( If you do not know what the speaker cable looks like, it is green)

2. Take out your stereo female RCA to male 3.5mm

3. Plug the RED & WHITE plugs on the VGA cable into the stereo female RCA to male 3.5mm

4. Plug the speaker plug ( green plug ) into the stereo female RCA to male 3.5mm

Look at the pictures below for more detail

Step 4: Testing Time!

Picture of Testing Time!

Turn on your Xbox 360, Monitor, and Speakers. It Works!!!!
If it does not work please look over the steps. If it somehow still does not work, PM me.

Step 5: Have Fun

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Play Call of Duty 4, Halo, or Rock Band because you have successfully finished this project.

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kenzie73120 (author)2012-07-11

This site has many different audio/video cables to fix your problems. The prices are pretty well listed on the site too! I hope this can help your issue!

MohsenI3 (author)kenzie731202016-04-16

U should but it from Pakistan for free

HaroldDS (author)2016-04-12

My monitor does not have speakers, yet I do have two different sets of computer speakers. The monitor is only VGA. I believe that would change my XBOX 360 setup.

I bought what I thought was the converter I needed from Fry's Electronics, but it turns out to be VGA input to HDMI output. It obviously doesn't work. No wonder it was returned.

I am still trying to find what I need.

KooshaM (author)2016-01-23

Are you sure it's called stereo female RCA to male 3.5mm cable? I searched it up and can't find it anywhere

breanna.baurley (author)KooshaM2016-02-04

I found that one on Amazon. It's called a

  • 3.5mm Male to 2 RCA Left & Right Audio Female Adapter
paulhud (author)2016-01-19

I have a xbox360 and want to connect a pollyview ver 293 lcd monitor via hdmi to dvi-d.

The xbox will not see the monitor. Any ideas anybody.

Electronickid4314 (author)2013-12-31

What's the little gold plug called

faue (author)Electronickid43142015-10-19

it's a female jack 3.5 to female jack 3.5

Ortun (author)2015-10-10

My monitor has built in speakers, will I just not be able to sounds or...?

esewei92 (author)Ortun2015-10-11

the monitor will probably only have vga or dvi but get a vga to hdmi and connect the xbox to the monitor throught the hdmi and im pretty sure it will work with sound

esewei92 (author)Ortun2015-10-11

if you connect through hdmi yea i think so

unilank (author)2015-02-19

hey guys,

can i use the following instead of what is being recommended

1) 3.5mm female Stereo Jack to male RCA plugs cable

2)iConnect World HDMI Male to VGA female Audio HD video Cable Converter Adapter .

(I own a XBOX 360 E and an AOC E1670SWU LED Monitor)

AshtonA (author)2015-01-15

ok so i have the newest xbox 360 slim i also have a windows 8 desktop. im not sure what cords to use to hook them up. plz help thx

AshtonA (author)2015-01-15

ok so i have the newest xbox 360 slim i also have a windows 8 desktop. im not sure what cords to use to hook them up. plz help thx

aj-salaris (author)2013-11-30

I currently have my laptop plugged in through my VGA, can I hook the xbox up through HDMI at all?

BenT2 (author)aj-salaris2014-10-11


How did you make laptop screen as TV screen? Can you name the wires and tell the steps

aj-salaris (author)BenT22014-10-11

Yes, gladly. First of all you will need a VGA cable or an HDMI cable. HDMI is much newer and usually easier, but some laptops/TV's only have one of them. You can look online about what each one looks like. Now you find the plug on both you laptop and you tv and plug them in accordingly. Your laptop might blink at first, I know mine does. I use windows 7 so you might have to find better instructions otherwise, but these are the pretty broad instructions. Go to your laptop and right click on your desktop background. Then find and click on "Screen Resolution" in the drop down menu. Here is where you should be (Check enclosed image). Your laptop should recognize that you have a monitor or TV connected. Click the drop down menu next to Display and find the name of your monitor or TV. As you can see, mine is an ASUS VE278. Now you can play around with the settings. My current settings say that when I have a VGA plugged in, it will black out my laptop screen and make the monitor my main desktop. You can change up things like the Orientation, multiple displays (this means you can have more than one screen, like maybe if you wanted to pull a video up on your laptop, then drag it on to the monitor screen), etc. If you have any trouble feel free to contact me again.

nkashif (author)2013-10-13

I really liked your instructions. The only question I have is that does this work for the old Xbox 360 model? Which is called Xbox 360 Arcade (WHITE )? Please answer me soon.Thanks

Atlas Portal 2 (author)2013-02-24

Can you do this to original xbox?

lgb0250 (author)2012-08-30

I have followed these instructions and they worked great! My problem is now that I've disconnected the speakers from the back of the PC, I have no sound when I'm just using the PC and not the XBox! Any suggestions for the technically challenged on how I can have sound on both the XBox and the PC? Thanks.

instructer4000 (author)lgb02502012-09-13

You could use a female to female audio jack adapter

jongscx (author)lgb02502012-09-06

get a KVM switch that also handles sound.

demetry14 (author)2010-06-04

Just an FYI, this is not possible with all Personal Computer Monitors. I own a Apple 30" Cinema Display and it has only a Dual-Link DVI adapter. Might want to let everyone know this is only capable with a small amount of monitors, mostly Dell.

speedyspy2 (author)demetry142010-09-25

your not the brightest young lad are you?

demetry14 (author)speedyspy22010-09-25

What do you mean by that? Have you been able to just plug an Xbox 360 into an Apple 30" cinema display?

speedyspy2 (author)demetry142010-10-07

almost all computer monitors nowadays are vga. you monitor however is not. your monitor is made by apple and they want to make a lot of money. they do so by selling overpriced dvi to vga adapters which you could get online for 6 times cheaper. that is why it doesnt work for you. because the big corporate man wants your money.

mehokhow69 (author)speedyspy22011-10-11

lol. Do you relly think that your little petty comment is going to change the lives of all apple fanatics? Nobody is ever going o listen to your comment on how this argument goes on I mean srysly. I own an iPod touch, iPad two, iPhone, and two macs using my iPad as I'm typing this at 10:09pm. I'll still have money and I'm actually really happy because, lightbulb, macs are virus free. duh.

mehokhow69 (author)speedyspy22011-10-11


demetry14 (author)speedyspy22010-10-07

I don't know what i was thinking by saying "ONLY A FEW ARE CAPABLE, I SHOULD HAVE STATED ONLY A FEW ARE NOT CAPABLE". My Bad.

speedyspy2 (author)demetry142010-10-07

and why do you think its mostly dell. EVERY company uses vga except apple

speedyspy2 (author)demetry142010-10-07

so basicly what im saying is that theres you were wrong when you said "small amount" in fact MOST monitors are vga

BnryZombie (author)demetry142011-09-28

an apple product is not a PC

PainTrane (author)demetry142010-06-27

Actually you can connect an Xbox 360 to ANY monitor. If you have DVI: get an HDMI-to-DVI adapter cable. If you have VGA: get the cable he mentioned in this instructable. Even if you only have mini-DVI: get an HDMI-to-DVI cable, then get a DVI-to-mini-DVI adapter. Seems like a lot but it will work.

demetry14 (author)PainTrane2010-06-27

The Xbox 360 does not support D-DVI which is Dual Link DVI. No matter how you swing it.

LOL. You totally wrecked Pain Train and speedyspy2!!!!!!! LOLLOLLOL.

i dont understand how he wrecked me. i completely agree with him. hes one of the few people commenting on this that could probably figure out even how to turn on a tv....

demetry14 (author)speedyspy22010-10-07

I think he may have just been trying to get on my good side, but i frown on people trying to start arguments.


demetry14, Xbox 360 IS compatable with Apple Cinema displays *facepalm*. My friend has his connected to it via a DVI to Mini-DVI adaptor. XD
Even IF Xbox 360 didn't support D-DVI, you cans still connect it to an Apple Cinema via a VGA-DVI adaptor connected to the Mini-DVI adaptor. We tried this and it worked. Most, if not all versions of DVI is backwards compatible with VGA. Read up on it on Wikipedia. Next time think before saying stuff like that. And Little Einstein (name suits), don't be a loser.

demetry14 (author)Cameron6572010-10-20

Wow, people really are dumb... I have done as you stated... So this means I speak from experience.

But I would love to see you prove this on a 30" Apple Cinema Display. Reply when you have made your video and have uploaded it for all to view.

Cameron657 (author)demetry142010-10-21

From the Wikipedia HDMI page: "A DVI signal is electrically compatible with the video part of a HDMI signal; no signal conversion is required when an adapter or asymmetric cable is used, and consequently no loss in video quality occurs.[3] As such, HDMI is backward-compatible with Digital Visual Interface digital video (DVI-D or DVI-I, but not DVI-A) as used on modern computer monitors and graphics cards. This means that a DVI-D source can drive a HDMI monitor, or vice versa, by means of a suitable adapter or cable."

As you can see, HDMI _IS_ backwards compatible with DVI-D. Do some research next time before calling me dumb.

demetry14 (author)Cameron6572010-10-21

Like I stated before, HAVE YOU TIED IT?... If so make a video of it and post it...

Then explain to everyone why the video doesn't come through correctly, then after all of that you can say I was right. Don't worry you can keep saying you know what your talking about and I won't respond anymore.

"Xbox 360 to Apple 30" Cinema Display"

Cameron657 (author)demetry142010-10-22

If you need video proof that Apple's very own mini display port to vga adaptor works, then there's no hope for you. I'm not going to let you waste my time. My FRIEND has a Cinema, and he's in the US, so I can't take a video.

Why not show a video of yourself using a VGA -> Mini Display Port adaptor or HDMI+DVI-MiniDisplay to connect it to YOUR monitor. If you actually have an Xbox or Cinema. If you don't, and CAN'T make this video, it proves you don't have a Cinema or Xbox, and that your argument is invalid. I've been using Xboxes for years, and I know a thing or two about them.

demetry14 (author)Cameron6572010-10-22

It's sad that you still don't get it... But I like how you went from the original conversation to something different... The Mini Display port has nothing to do with the conversation, except for you trying to bring it into the conversation. The conversation was... 30" Cinema Display to Xbox 360 "How would you then use the mini display port for that, idiot". Not 30" Cinema Display to Display Port. I would not have inquired about my 30" Cinema Display if I didn't own it or for that matter if I did not own an Xbox 360 Slim "anyone wanna play anything I own I am "Dominator D 14".

It's just sad to me that you do not get it, nor did you ever have the intention try it for yourself. You just came on here all "wanna be smart" because you read Wikipedia and don't even own the items in question, Which are 30" Apple Cinema Display & Xbox 360 and a Female DVI-D to HDMI adapter... Not the APPLE DISPLAY PORT.

Seriously I am done, keep responding and people will see you do not have the means to try nor prove your Wikipedia learning. Real world tests sometimes prove Wikipedia wrong, but only someone with experience would know that.

Cameron657 (author)demetry142010-10-24

Some people are so stubborn. YOU DON'T NEED TO CONVERT THE SIGNAL. A DVI to VGA adaptor does NOT convert a signal, as DVI connectors also includes pins for VGA. YOU brought mini display port into the conversation, by saying Xbox doesn't work with Cinemas as the ports are different/different technology. For gawd sakes, there are three very simple solutions:

First one is Xbox HD VGA Cable -> VGA to DVI adaptor -> DVI to MiniDisplay
That don't work? Then simply:

Xbox's HDMI output -> HDMI to DVI adaptor -> DVI to Mini Display port.

Or even Xbox HD VGA -> Apple's VGA to Mini Display Port adaptor.

Now, smart alek, look at this:


Those products are geared towards connecting to a Mac, but they will work in connecting to your Cinema. I have explained time and time again how to do this. If you yourself can't make a video of you doing this, you can explain why it doesn't upload. And I didn't come on here to post something from Wikipedia, I came on to tell people that it was possible so they could get the most out of their display or Xbox. I didn't learn this on Wikipedia. I just had to find a reference so maybe you'd stop and listen for a bit, instead of ranting on. You haven't even posted a SINGLE intructable, which leads me to believe your just a compulsive comment critic. Do something productive or I report you to mods for being rude and offensive.

Cameron657 (author)demetry142010-10-21

Missed adding this:

Hmmm.... A mini display port to VGA adaptor.... those idiots at Apple don't know what they're talking about. I mean, they only make Cinema Displays. Wow. People are really dumb.

Wow, they're even dumber. Here's a mini-DVI to DVI adaptor... again made by Apple themselves. XD

... :( ...

demetry14 (author)Cameron6572010-10-22

VGA-DVI is a device that would convert analog to digital signal and would cost as much or more then the Xbox 360.

You are thinking of a DVI-VGA adapter which comes with most DVI video cards and only cost a dollar or two.


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