Step 2: Hook Up the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable

Picture of Hook Up the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable
If your monitor has a composite port, skip this step!


1. Unplug The Old Cable From Your Xbox 360.

2. Unplug the VGA cable out of your monitor.

3. Insert the AV Connector on the Cable Into The Xbox 360.

4. Screw The VGA Cable Into Your Monitor

NOTE: I have a composite cable on my monitor so there will be no pictures for this step. I am sorry.
can u do this w/o the vga cable?
 Most hi-def monitors have a vga input on them along with hdmi, and s-video. The easyiest way to get your xbox hooked up to your monitor via vga, and still have audia cables, is to buy this cheap, ingenius cord via newegg. link
jewbare jewbare5 years ago
oh sorry forgot to note that you will not get "full" HD, but its an alternative to us without hdmi on our xbox's :] it is the best picture you gan get without hdmi, and looks pertty good.
lumber man6 years ago
my computer only got 1 vga port can i use the ones on de hard drive
is it somewhat possible to hok up a switch or series of switches so you can switch between computer and xbox 360 showing on the screen? i think it is.
maybe splicing each cable, adding two way switches to each wire one to pc one to xbox. but then you would have to turn all switches same way
Get a KVM switch, readily available for about $20. They come with audio, usb, etc. When I switch to my 360 on my desktop monitor, my usb/audio KVM switches as follows: A - video from desktop, audio from desktop, keyboard and mouse to desktop; B - video from 360, audio from 360, keyboard and mouse to laptop. I usually stow my laptop next to my desktop monitor when I'm not on the road so it works out quite nice. Incidentally I invested in a now-discontinued with no replacement product Gamebridge by Adaptec. It works with the original stock video cord from my 360 and gives me a functioning display on my laptop for when I go boring places for extended periods of time (months in third world countries).
RAuLLLL6 years ago
what maximun resolution can u get on ur lcd monitor ??..... i hAVe heard That u cAnnot go to maximun resolution without an hdmi cable ??..
robots199 (author)  RAuLLLL6 years ago
I start at 1024 x 768 and go upwards from there. And it is not full Hi-Def, But It is darn close
but hOw mUCH mAximum cAN u go Without an hdmi cable and with a vga cable ??...
sabbath266 years ago
Out of curiosity

will the same thing work for a regular x-box system ???

and.. what exactly do I purchase at radio shack ? is it a VGA HD AV cable. When you go to Radio Shack they have this blank stare on their face !!!!

Thanks for the help

impressir6 years ago
what exact modle is your desktop because i dont want to end up getting the wrong one or does it just have to be in the LCD or CRT catagory?
emuuh6 years ago
Hello. I have a Sony Vaio computer/monitor in one compact box. It has a Red White and Yellow female port, in which I have plugged my Xbox 360. Still, I see no image, hear no evil. Can you help me out? I normally work on a Mac, so I have no idea how to mirror the display or even if that is the correct solution.
robots199 (author)  emuuh6 years ago
I would be glad to help you. can you give me the model # or a picture of the setup. Thanks
sm70786 years ago
i use a HDMI and it can do the job but only if your monitor tha has audio
robots199 (author)  sm70786 years ago
True.... but that does not have to do with the instructable... Also a lot of people have already commented on HDMI uses
lacoka136 years ago
do you know how to hook your laptop to your tv? i am not to sure how to
robots199 (author)  lacoka136 years ago
If it has a s-video port on the laptop and the tv, use a s-video cable on a laptop and link it to a computer. If it has a HDMI port, use the same procedure...