Step 4: Testing Time!

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Turn on your Xbox 360, Monitor, and Speakers. It Works!!!!
If it does not work please look over the steps. If it somehow still does not work, PM me.

ky13z173 years ago
How would i connect Turtle Beach X11's To this?
tbailey2644 years ago
is it possible to connect the xbox to your monitor while your computer is connected too or do you have to switch them in and out?
PacificFB6 years ago
I have a Princeton VF723 flat-screen monitor. It isn't LCD though. It has only a regular port to plug into a computer (and then of course the power). Will this work? You can also contact me at pacific.fb@gmail.com. That would be most easiest. Thanks!

A VGA connector is a D-sub connector but a D-sub connector can be used for many types of connections.

Your question is like asking is a Car a Volkswagon.

D-subminature connectors refer to a type of connector the is D shaped and has multiple pins in the connector. A typical VGA connector is a D-subminiature connection with 15 pins.

robots199 (author)  PacificFB6 years ago
Can you give me a picture of the "regular port"? If the regular port looks like this: Than it will work. If it doesn't, message me back please
Yes. Also, u might want 2 show pics of other ports (HDMI, DVI, etc.)
robots199 (author)  Cr4zy_Dud3_0n_F1r35 years ago
Good Idea. I will.
asuku robots1995 years ago
hi i have a computer but does not have a "vga in" port. I have a touchsmart pc from hp. Would this styill be possible for such pc? Thank you very much1
Of course, u just cant use a VGA cable to connect, try a HDMI or DVI or AV.
dyprokski6 years ago
hey I need help with doing this.... im new to this computer technology, and am tring, so here i go.... I have a sony vaio desktop all in one model #pcg-2f2l. on the back of the computer it has these plugs... - internet cord plug - 3 inputs for USB`s - optical out plug - I.s400 plug And on the side it has these plugs... - magic gate port - SD port - 2 USB ports - headphone jack - microphone jack - and another jack with a circle and a arrow pointing towards the middle. if you can help me with tring to hook up my x-box to this monitor? and if its done this way, can i use this way to play x-box live? and i have wireless internet but the place also has a modem near by that i can plug into if needed to play...
1. check xbox
2. check monitor
3. check to see what ports u have (VGA, HDMI, DVI, AV)
4. 2 check ur ports (TURN UR COMPUTER OFF) and open the side wall of the computer, check ur graphics card (if u have one that isn't built in 2 the motherboard) 2 and unplug graphics card.
5. Try it again.
6. If this doesn't work then i have no idea.
robots199 (author)  dyprokski6 years ago
I cant find your model on the internet.. can you send me a picture or link to a picture with the ports on the PC..... THANKS, Robots199
how much do those thing a mob bobs cost?
robots199 (author)  TheGamerDude5 years ago
About $1 At Radioshack
harbinger926 years ago
will i be able to access Xbox live on my monitor by connecting the network cable to 360? Please reply, i am a newbie for this .
All you have to do is plug in your ethernet cable like you would normally. This is just your display. In actuality, even if your xbox is disconnected from your monitor, but still plugged in with an ethernet cable, you're still connected to Live. =)
LaserSailor6 years ago
I've done this using the VGA adaptor on my Dell 22" LCD monitor. Looks great when playing games in HD. +1
robots199 (author)  LaserSailor6 years ago
Thanks, Can you show me a picture!
davidboyd16 years ago
For this to work, does the monitor have to be HDCP compliant? Thanks!
robots199 (author)  davidboyd16 years ago
No , not at all
robots199 (author)  robots1996 years ago
My Dell 2007wfp is not HDCP Compliant. I am using a composite connection instead of VGA because my monitor supports it. VGA is NOT HDCP compliant and it will work.
mail1236 years ago
I have Acer X191W monitor. I tried to connect the dvi to monitor... then turned on the fios settop box.. monitor says input not supported... any help...
robots199 (author)  mail1236 years ago
What do you mean by fios setup box?
its the Fios Recievers that has a hdmi out to it.