Step 5: Have Fun

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Play Call of Duty 4, Halo, or Rock Band because you have successfully finished this project.

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demetry145 years ago
Just an FYI, this is not possible with all Personal Computer Monitors. I own a Apple 30" Cinema Display and it has only a Dual-Link DVI adapter. Might want to let everyone know this is only capable with a small amount of monitors, mostly Dell.
an apple product is not a PC
i just got an xbox 360 and i need to no if there is a way to make a wireless adapter for it
idaho56 years ago
Another way to do it is using the HDMI cable and the audio only cable to connect to my monitor. However this only works for newer monitors.
RAuLLLL idaho56 years ago
hEy do We get moRe beTter resolution using an hdmi cable ???.....
Yeah. we do.