We work with a group of several women who have been working on using our craft skills to benefit local, and sometimes international, charity organizations.
We call ourselves “The Crafting for Charity Club” and one of our major events each year is to set up a “Quilt-In”.
By the way, we’re trying to win the sewing machine so we can do more crafts for the charitable organizations in our area so your vote would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!
At the annual Quilt-In we set up organized chaos to get a bunch of crafters together and make quilts for various groups in need.
At our last event we were able to make 15 quilts in 12 hours which were given to homeless people in our area.
We thought it would be wonderful if we could share our tips and tricks so others can plan events in their area of the country.
Who wouldn’t want a handmade quilt when they’re at a low point in their lives?

Step 1: Select a Site

You will need a location with:
·         Lots of space
·         Access to several outlets
·         Plenty of tables to set up in stations
·         Easy access parking, loading and storage
Site needs to be available for use on the weekend.
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Congratulations Sis! Our grange just started a Quilt club on Tuesdays and now we need to hold a Quilt-In! I'll pass this on. Nice Work! :D<br />
Let us know if you need any further tips. We've learned a lot in the 2 years we've held the quilt-in and we'd be glad to help.<br /> <br /> By the way, The Crafting for Charity Club is working on becoming a nonprofit organization by the end of the year. We're always looking for people to help out!
Lana - Shannon forwarded this to quite a few people at work.&nbsp; You guys are so creative!&nbsp; Good luck in winning the sewing machine!
<p>Thanks for the kind words! We are working really hard to grow and get involved with more charities and the sewing machine would be very, very useful.<br /> Remember to share this with everyone you know! We need as many votes as we can get!</p>
<em><strong>Auntwrenny, awesome job on putting together this instructable!<br /> It is easy to read and understand and the photographs are&nbsp;an excelletn extension of your instructions.&nbsp; <br /> My fingers are crossed hoping your group wins the sewing machine.<br /> Sounds like it would be an excellent tool for your group to have.</strong></em>
Very in-depth!<br /> Sounds like a lot of fun.<br />
Thanks for your comment! We do have a lot of fun at the quilt-in and all our meetings.<br /> Just an FYI-<br /> Our group started in 2008 with 3 people and we now have 53 participants. Most people in our group help with the Quilt-in but we have at least a dozen who help with all the projects.

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