I've noticed that many people who play warcraft 3 can't host and i will teach you how to get it working by fixing the main problem. Your router. I'm going to teach you how to port forward your router which can be used for many other things but the only one i know is how to make it so you can host in Warcraft 3... The rest is up to you.

This is my first instuctable so don't be hating!

Pictures taken from www.PortForward.com

Step 1: Static IP

For this to work your going to need a static IP address. If you know you already have one skip to the next step.
By the way i'm assuming your running on the same system as me (Windows XP) but i believe it is fairly similar on all systems anyway.

To start your going to need to figure out your current IP address and other little things.
Start by clicking start (convenient isn't it) click run and type in "cmd" and hit enter. once in here type in "Ipconfig /all" and hit enter. a few lines of information should pop up. Write down the IP address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway and DNS servers
I really want to host so I did this exactly but my i got diffrent results so i searched up what my ip or dns was and it said it was private or something? What do I do? Please respond because this will help me bigtime
ok, so I use CISCO and it seems it's not very similar to linksys. is that right?
so for the IP and subnet mask, i make up the last numbers or are there specific ones to use?
The subnet mask will fill itself in as soon as you click in the box, for the IP address the last set of digits you just make up aslong as its between 0 and 255 and is different from the default gateway.
What if in the command prompt it only shows one DNS server number?
I typed in the default IP address, didn't work.<br>Then I tried the new IP address you told me to put in. That didn't work either. What now? TT-TT
everything seemed to work perfectly until ... i cant host!!
i haven't change password but i can't get in -.-<br /> <br /> Username : blank<br /> Password : Admin<br /> <br /> help me plx<br />
Try Username: admin Pass: password
@Zangetzu: Great! =D<br/>@Sinopz123: Sorry it took me so long to reply.. You'll know if you have a static IP if in the window depicted in Step 3, &quot;Use the following IP address&quot; Is already checked off and the below are filled in.<br/><br/>The best of luck to anyone else who tries this, also, if you post a comment and I don't reply fairly quickly feel free to add my msn : Josh_taylor9@live.com :)<br/>
Thanks alot!! it worked
static ip address srry ?
how do u no if u have a static router?
thanx! i will try later if it works!

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