In this instructable I will show you how to refinish your snowboard by waxing it. Please take it easy on me, this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Gather Up the Materials.

You will need a few things for this....
1. Kerosene
2. Rags
3. Snowboard Wax
4. Iron
5. Plastic Scraper
6. Scotch brite pad
7. Workspace

I presume this would work for ski's! I'm not a board man! Btw great first instructable, I'll have to try it before i head out to the slopes in a months time!
Yea I'm not too sure about skis (I have never skied before). hey, thanks alot man!
I'll report back soon when i have skied with super speed! Hopefully
Cool idea. You could probably add this to the Tool Tips contest. But awesome job anyways, this is really cool.
Never heard of using kerosene, citrus-based base cleaners are the norm, grab a bottle when buying the wax and scraper. Also, for even distribution and coverage of the wax, you can rub it on like a crayon before using the iron the melt it, although sometimes it does help to dribble on some extra by holding the wax to the iron.

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