How to Iceboard/ Ice Surf





Introduction: How to Iceboard/ Ice Surf

In this Instructable I will show you how to ice board(a cross between skateboarding and snow boarding) using only a skateboard.
ice boarding is all most guaranteed to get you covered in snow, so wear appropriate stuff.

Step 1: Get a Board!

To iceboard you will first need a board, so get a skateboard,one thats not broken. Take the wheels and trucks(metal bits) off from the bottom. And there's your board. Thats mine in the pic, (I cant make image notes)

Step 2: Find Some Snow......and Go!

Take your board and go to a hill with snow/ice (ice is best)on the side. Make a mound of hard snow at the bottom like a ramp (optional). Climb to the top, sit or stand on your board (standing is more painfull if you fall) and launch yourself down the slope.
There are some pics at the bottom.



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Questions & Answers


Wouldn't you need to wax your board somehow or get the bottom slick?

But... Great 'ible. I might make a different "improved" one of these as my first instructable!

 me and my friend call it sko boarding

THIS is an Instructable???
good action pic, though

yes, it is the SIMPLEST instructable ever.

no it isn't an instructable ans it DEFINITELY isn't the simplest one either

gonna do this first time there is a big snowstorm.

check out my tutorial and videos showing you how to modifie a plain skateboard in to something that cruises on snow