Introduction: How to Identify PNP and NPN Transistors (with a Simple Circuit)

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In this project I’ll make one of the easiest PNP and NPN circuit identifiers ever. You’ll see how easy It is to make one! I've also posted on my website a bit of the theory about PNP and NPN Transistors I would recommend you to read it  first.

This project is great to learn more about:
  • Transistors
  • Simple DIY Circuits
  • PNP and NPN Transistors
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Step 1: Parts Required

Picture of Parts Required

1x LED
1x Pushbutton
1x 1k Ohm Resistor
1x 10k Ohm Resistor
1x Breadboard
1x 9V Battery (and Battery Clip)
Some Wires

Step 2: Schematics

Picture of Schematics

Just follow these Schematics and you'll be fine! :)

Step 3: Optional Step

Picture of Optional Step

I've decided to Solder everything in a Stripboard and that's the result. This step is optional you might want to use only the breadboard.

Step 4: Final Product

Picture of Final Product
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RichardR171 (author)2016-07-18

Which legs are collector, base, and emitter?
Which resistors go where?

laith mohamed (author)2015-09-05

That is awesome

kailash.mehendale.7 (author)2015-04-11

This was helpful for me. Thanks.

ashbash100 (author)2014-11-20

Just for other people, if the light turns on without you pressing the button, it is PNP. Otherwise, it is NPN.

Abirboy (author)2013-10-21

this is super helpful for me ..Thanks

RuiSantos (author)Abirboy2013-10-23

Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback!
I'm glad I could help.

crazy_thiago (author)2013-07-30

The slide swith on bread board on "opitonal step"
Is to on/off all sistem?

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