triumphman (author) 1 year ago
Get one and see how uncomfortable the handle is! The sheath fall apart in a short time too. Mass produced in a sweat shop somewhere! The leather is paper thin (probably some poor goat). So improvements had to be made. Now it will last, and is 100% better! FYI
black hole2 years ago
No offense, but it's impossible to 'improve' a kukri. They have made the same way for centuries. A bad design does not last that long with minimal changes.
I think he meant "improve a mass-produced modern kukri".
triumphman (author)  ridiciliculous1 year ago
astrong03 years ago
You know that those little knives can provide the BEST blade edge for that weapon.
triumphman (author)  astrong03 years ago
Bull droppings sir!
then you obviously have no knowledge of a khukri or its history my dear fellow!
triumphman (author)  astrong03 years ago
triumphman (author)  astrong03 years ago
You assume!
Well you know what assuming does right?
triumphman (author)  astrong03 years ago
Had a professor in Grad. school who said " when you assume something, you make an ass out of you (u) and me !" ass- u-me FYI
triumphman (author) 3 years ago
I really like it now! Awesome!
Those worthless little knives aren't intended to be used for cutting. Instead they main purpose is to "true" the edge of the main knife in the field.
triumphman (author)  pleasedontspamme3 years ago
still worthless!
pfred23 years ago
It is going to be tough to get the bend out of that blade. Best of luck to you there.
triumphman (author)  pfred23 years ago
No need to get the bend out! I have BIG BOWIES that are straight. This knife is meant to have the bend. Check out the history and purpose of the shape of the blade. You will be surprised.