Picture of How to improve eyesight
Many issues with eye sight that result from the eyes inability to focus can be either improved or fixed with exercise. This instructable improves muscle tone in the eye but will not assist in problems caused by cataracts or other issues that block the light passing into your eye.

This is a simple exercise and is important to do if you are finding your eyes losing function when working at a computer for extended periods of time.

You will require:

a pen
something you can see that is more than 6 metres away

If you need to wear glasses to focus, wear them while doing this exercise. Your eye will do more work if it is able to get a clear focus and doing the work is what strengthens the muscles.

If your eyesight is too poor to focus on a distant object, use an object as far away as you can still focus on.

Time: 30 seconds or so. At least once per day. Preferably every hour while doing computer work.
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Step 1: Finding the right distance.

Picture of Finding the right distance.
Hold a pen in one hand so that the tip of the pen is facing up towards the ceiling.

Cover one eye with your hand and look at something level with your eye and as far away as possible. Preferably at least 6 metres.

Raise the pen in your hand until the tip of the pen blocks what you are looking at..

Focus on the very tip of the pen now.

Move the pen, still pointing up to the ceiling, closer towards your eye until it is too close to focus on.

Move it back away from your eye until it comes into focus again.

The distance the pen is from your eye now, is the distance to use for the exercise. Keep the pen in this position.
StephanieR41 month ago

Holding a pen and moving it in close and then further away while focusing on it seems simple enough to do. I am curious to find out any actual test data on whether this is effective and if so how effective on improving eyesight. Is it more beneficial to do this exercise longer than just 30 seconds? <a href='' > Optometrist</a>

JasiB3 months ago


while doing this exercise,which is more preferable:wearing glasses or naked eye

and when i focus ,the object seems to be two in number, why??

what is the solution??

Kiteman6 years ago
Please note that eye exercises like this (based on the Bates method from 1920) have been shown to have no beneficial effect on poor eyesight. Despite the method being thoroughly debunked in 1956, and by recent studies in it is still pushed by various quacks around the world (especially on the internet).

ceanes Kiteman6 years ago
Eye exercises DO improve poor eyesight. I myself have tried the Bates method, and i can prove that it reduced my myopia from 2 to 1 . Do not believe everything glasses industry tell us. Have a try an see for yourself .
hello friend ,my eysight little bit low ,how to improve it i don't wearing glassess plzzzzzz help me my email is plz help me
thnks for help me
Kiteman ceanes6 years ago
I have been told nothing by any industry, I sought out the results of meta-studies encompassing the testing and examination of hundreds of subjects over half a century.

If you perform some research, you will find that myopia naturally decreases as you age, without any intervention at all.

(And why do certain kinds of people automatically assume that anything produced by "industry" is bad?)
eltimbalino (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Hi Kiteman,

Thanks for linking to that interesting article. I am not sure why you interpreted that article as saying the exercises have no effect when there are a number of references in the article to scientific methods finding positive results from the variety of processes being researched.

Because the article does not specifically reference any one technique I am not sure if the successes it mentions relate to this exercise or to others.

I am also interested in the apparent subjective improvements that are not supported by refractive tests. Especially about learning to interpret what we see better rather than actually improving eye function.

If you are aware of other related articles please link them in these comments.

To others trying to determine if this exercise is being helpful, please try and use repeatable tests like reading a particular size news print at a particular distance in the same light.

I know success is great news, but also, if you have been doing these exercises and see no results from it, please post a comment also. That is the only way we will get balanced feed back. Failures to improve will not be taken as negative feed back, but a contribution to our total knowledge on the subject.
"...a number of references in the article to scientific methods finding positive results from the variety of processes being researched."

I'm not sure we've been reading the same article:

...reported no statistically significant benefits from training... improvement in subjective visual acuity in myopes with no corresponding improvement in objective (i.e. measured by an optician) visual acuity has been reported

There is level I evidence that visual training for control of accommodation has no effect on myopia.

No evidence was found that visual training has any effect on the progression of myopia.

No evidence was found that visual training improves visual function for patients with hyperopia or astigmatism.

No evidence was found that visual training improves vision lost through disease processes such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy.

The only risk attributable to visual training is financial i.e. It's a scam!
devonia6 years ago
Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier and an air combat ace, used a very similar technique to improve his vision -- an absolute requirement for any WW II fighter pilot. He used the tip of a pin, though. I have not tried this, but it gives the procedure credibility. Today is my birthday. I am 59. I am going for a medical soon and will record my vision reading now; in six months; and after one year. Regards Richard
Andrei6 years ago
I've restored my -5 (ALMOST!) myopia naturally, so yeah, you can tell me that it doesn't work, whatever. The quacks are those that work in the eyesight industry. There's more it it than just solely these eye exercises. A LOT more, actually, because eye exercises form less than 5% of the total work - the rest in mainly mind work, coupled with exercises, and a couple of other things.
theRIAA6 years ago
is exercising your iris really beneficial or just detrimental?
eltimbalino (author)  theRIAA6 years ago
All muscular exercise is beneficial unless there is another problem. If doing this exercise causes pain it should be stopped and the cause of the pain should be looked for. This exercise is not normally painful. You will know if you are doing too much of it because the time between focusing on the objects will take longer and longer. If this is noticeable, have a break for an hour or more.
mrmath6 years ago
What if you can't focus further than a few inches from your face? Should you leave your glasses on?
This is what i was wondering. I'm legally blind without my contacts or glasses. :P
eltimbalino (author)  jessyratfink6 years ago
Thanks for your question JessyRatFink, I have added more to the instructables saying that you should make the distant object only so far away that you can still focus on it. The point is to have a close and far distance to focus on and then exercise the muscles which focus the lens of your eye by focusing on each.
eltimbalino (author)  mrmath6 years ago
Yes MrMath, you should. Thanks for the question. I have updated the instructable so that this info is on the 1st page not the last.
I can't focus more than 4 inches from my face without glasses
bumpus mrmath6 years ago
I would like to know that as well, would you take your glasses off, or leave them on?
how long do u hav to do this?
i mean how long till you get good eyesight and dont hav to do it anymore
eltimbalino (author)  xtacticalmonkeyx6 years ago
Once your eye focusing muscles are strong enough to make what you see clear, your eye will do more exercise naturally because it can achieve focus. For some people this may mean that they no longer have to do specific exercises. Others may need to do this to maintain strength on a continuous basis. Please keep a track of your results and post back so that others can get an idea of what to expect.
Mussen6 years ago
Yes, this is definitely beneficial. On a similar topic Pin hole glasses have improved my eyesight significantly. (plus the look cool to boot!)

Google Image search (Pin hole glasses)