Is your tree still in your back garden looking sad. You know you should get rid of him but can't quite bring yourself to finally send him to tree heaven. Well heres a way he/she can live on forever bringing Christmas cheer to the branches of its offspring. By performing a minimum of surgery you can transform your old tree into attractive, tasteful and new Christmas tree decorations!

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Step 1: You Will Need....

You are going to need : a saw, a drill with a sensible drill bit (2mm to 10mm would work), some sandpaper, a little ribbon and an old Christmas tree trunk. If you are reading this now chances are you don't have an old Christmas tree sitting around but it wont be long and this is a great activity to do when you are board of all your prezzies. On the down side you only get to use these decorations next Christmas, talk about long term commitment!
If you make one of these every year you could paint/burn the year on one side and glue a photo of the decorated tree on the other to remember it by.

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