How to improve/repair your headphone wire splitter

Picture of How to improve/repair your headphone wire splitter
   Now on some headphones, instead of having two cords molded together that split apart towards the middle, the main cord comes to a stop and gets soldered together with two different wires, then the open wires where it was soldered gets completely in cased in plastic. The only problem in this is that it creates a weak point.  The plastic doesn't really hold the wires together.  So of course, the wire splitter broke for me.  I sent the company a picture and they gave me a new pair of headphones.  Now I just have a pair of broken headphones in the corner.  So I decided to give my headphones a second chance!  

   When I was thinking about how I could make this, I was thinking, what should I in case the open wires in?  Then I thought, epoxy putty!  Epoxy putty is just like jb weld or five minute epoxy, except it is black and it comes in a putty form.  It is almost indestructible.  So that is why I used it!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 -epoxy putty or sugru (sugru would make a better factory look, epoxy would just be tough)
 -plaster of paris

 -soldering iron or wire glue
 -wire stripper
 -a scrap of sandpaper

Step 2: Mix your plaster of paris!

Picture of Mix your plaster of paris!
Just follow the instructions on the plaster of paris to make just enought to 

Step 3: Put the old wire splitter in your mold.

Picture of Put the old wire splitter in your mold.
Cut one third of a plastic cup and cut two slits on one side and one on the other.  Now put the wire back into the broken plastic piece.  Then put the wires in the cup and pour you plaster of paris in the cup.  Make sure it only goes up to half way of the plastic piece.  then let it dry overnight so that it will be fully set the next day.