This guide will explain how to drastically increase your charging capacity for your Solar LED Flashlight Phone Charger Emergency Dynamo Crank and build a 3 way adapter

NOTE OF CAUTION - DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS MOD IT COULD POTENTIALLY DAMAGE YOUR DEVICE, BY READING THIS YOU ACKNOWLEDGED THIS - I have never had this happen running up to a 1500ma battery but the danger still exists

Required Parts:
Solar LED Flashlight Phone Charger Emergency Dynamo Crank
Soldering Iron + Solder
3.7v battery with a greater capacity than 330ma
Small Phillips Head Screwdriver
MicroUSB to USB cable (used to charge almost all smartphones)

Issue #1 - Lack of a microUSB adapter
-Building a: USB -> Charger IN/OUT <- MicroUSB
Issue #2 - The tiny 330ma capacity battery
-Replacing the battery

Step 1: Disassembling the Device

For the battery I am using a 3.7v 1130ma Lithium Ion battery that I took from an android phone.
Step 1 - Go ahead and open up your device by removing the screws (4) in the corners; try to do it slowly as to keep your buttons from falling out.

Step 2: Prepping the Batteries

Step 3 - Prep your replacement battery by scratching up the contacts (use a screwdriver), this allows for a proper solder bond

Step 3: Switch the Batteries

Unsolder the two wires from the terminal on the board as it's a good idea to increase the gauge of the wire
Then solder the new wires to the new battery

Step 4: Test and Reassembly

Test the device by connecting it to a power source, if charge light appears and stays on for an extended period then you can call it a success. 
IF you would like to convert the (included in kit) USB to 2.1mm Jack to a 3 way USB->2.1mm<-MicroUSB then go here for the instructable
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