One should be aware about his/her Online Privacy. The recent events prove this. One of the things that experts recommend in order to increase your security on the internet, is to re-route your traffic via proxy. You can change your IP-address from the Connection menu in most browsers, however there is an easier way.

Step 1: Select You Proxy Switching Method

As I've mentioned, one can easily switch proxy settings from inside the Connection menu in most browsers. However, it's comfortable to access such menus each time you need a different proxy and then return to your original one. You can add a proxy manager to your browser. Personally I use Citrio browser which has a built-in proxy manager, so this tutorial will be based on it. For most extensions and programs this process will be similar.

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<p>My Avast antivirus banned Citrio after two days of use.</p>
<p>That's odd. I also use Avast and everything is OK. Maybe it's because of some extension that you use.</p>

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