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Introduction: How to Install Driver Arduino R3

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Today i will introduce you the way to install Driver Arduino R3.

Hope it useful

Step 1: Step 1: Download Driver Arduino R3 Driver

You can download Driver Arduino R3 driver Here

Step 2: Step 2

Plug the Arduino kit cable into your computer

Right click the My Computer icon image. Choose Manage

Step 3: Step 3

Click Device Manager

Choose Other Devices

If the yellow exclamation icon appear, it means no arduino driver

Click the Unknown device exclamation icon

Step 4: Step 4

Then choose Update Driver

Step 5: Step 5

Then choose Brose my computer

Step 6: Step 6

Then Click Browser, find the arduino driver you downloaded (Remember extract it first)

Then Click Next

Step 7: Step 7

Choose "Install this driver software anyway"

Step 8: Step 8: Finish

Check your driver again in device manager

Click for Vietnamese version and more information: Linh Kien 69



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    hi everyone... i am facing a big problem here. i was using sansmart uno r3 for last onle year, it was working fine with no difficulties. but suddenly stop installing driver with my windows 7. i have reinstalled the arduino software so many times and tried to load the driver manualy but no luck. the list for drivers show just other device. can help me out.

    Very simple! Thanks for sharing!