A Step by step video on How to install GCC Compiler in Command Prompt

Made by Group 8 of S19

Guada Michelle M. Gripal
Mary Pauline Sacay
Edward Guillermo
Reynalyn Dela Cruz
<p>Great tutorial</p><p>Here is an another way of installing gcc with custom terminal on a windows machine read full tutorial at <a href="http://psychocodes.in/blog_view.php?tutorial_id=48" rel="nofollow">http://psychocodes.in/blog_view.php?tutorial_id=48</a></p>
<p>I have done the the process and it is quite impressive.i can do everything that i have done in Linux machine.But coming to the programming part i could not run a program .so is there any terminal that i can do Linux programming please suggest me.</p>
Interesting/ I use gcc all the time on linux. Might have an old xp box to test the windows version.<br><br>Debian based distro gcc install.<br>$ sudo apt-get install build essential g++

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