Picture of How to install GTA San Andreas Mods on PC?
Lately, many of my friends and even I was puzzled about the usage of mods on my PC. By reading this guide you can easily install mods on your computer. I searched everywhere on net and stumbled upon some comments in various forums which easily guided me to install mods of GTA San Andreas on PC.
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Step 1: You need to have GTA San Andreas installed on your PC

Picture of You need to have GTA San Andreas installed on your PC
First, install the GTA San Andreas game on your PC. After that, backup your game in a safe folder which you are not at all going to touch. We are going to do our operation on other copied file. If anything goes wrong then we can easily restore San Andreas anytime by just copying and pasting. Hope I'm clear. If you don't get any point then ask them in comments section.

Step 2: Install modifications on your PC usin SAMI

Picture of Install modifications on your PC usin SAMI
select mods.PNG
This is very important step. Install all the modifications to your PC version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This you can do by using an installer called as SAMI. Just google this installer and you will have quick links to download it. After you download it, download the modifications which you like and use SAMi to add those modifications to your original copy of the game.

You can see that I have added a photo of that SAMI. To download this you can google it and easily find. After that, when you open it, you can see clearly an option as "Install Mod". Click on it and then select the modifications which you would love to add. As far as they are concerned, there are plenty of sites on web who provide with different modifications of GTA San Andreas game.

In other image, you can see how you will get various options. You will be easily guided. Don't worry and panic at all that you game file will be corrupted. For this, I have given a precaution to backup the main game file.

After all this is done, you are now in a position to start your modified Grand Theft Auto San Andreas video game.

I downloaded SAMI and installed it but when I try to run it, it says that I should download Microsoft.NET. Please help

johnz314 days ago

Hello guys i downloaded SAMI but it's only worked for cars not for all mods please help me i want to download not only cars can you please tell me how to do this? pleaseeeeeeeee

AltamashJ3 months ago

I downloaded SAMI. And installed mods. But they don't appear in game. Help please?

I use it by superman mod

U may us dos (an operating system)

same here can't find my spidey

David rayN27 days ago

how do i get the rockstar folder since i had download san andreas game in a rar folder so i did not have any installation process

direcac (author) 2 years ago
My second instructable! I'm just loving this site! If any one has got a question regarding mods then please do ask!

installed spider man mod but can't find thm in the game

i downloaded sami and install the mods but i cant find them in game,help pleasee!!

I'm having the same problem

zytthen62 months ago

Thank I installed lamborghini and a buffalow gta 5 car mod thanks a lot.

DTeeam5 months ago

Can you pls tell me where can i download f18 planes mods


bro go to and download any mod u want (y)

mfillari3 months ago

I don't even use SAMI.. :|

xil.khan3 months ago

is this in cd/dvd

prime0071 year ago
will these mods work on GTA SAN ANDREAS SNOW ???