Introduction: How to Install Left 4 Dead Skins

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The process is rather complicated. At least in comparison to other steam games.

Step 1: Go to Any Site Where the Skins Are Available for Download.

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My personal favourite is FPSBANANA. Find a skin you want and download it. For this, I will use this awesome skin for the Tank.

Step 2: Now That You Have It Downloaded...

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Open it. You should see a file labeled "materials". Depending on the skin's author, you may have to dig around to find it. Open your L4D file. It will be located differently for every user.
Mine is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\rain_of_flaming_deth\Left4Dead\left4dead"

Now, copy the material file over. You want to merge it with the existing.

Step 3: Edit the Whitelist.cfg File

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Open with notepad, and find the line " // Additional files/directories to allow". Enter, directly below it, " "add" "materials/models/..." ".

Save it.

Note: this only needs done one time, so you do not need to repeat it for every skin.

Step 4: Now, Find the File Name of the New Skins.

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You will need to delve into the materials folder to find it. In this case, it is "hulk_02". This is the part that gets fun.

Step 5: Edit the Pak01_dir File, Using Notepad++

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If you do not have notepad++ you will need to download it. It will not work with regular notepad.

Find the " $baseTexture "models\infected\hulk/Hulk_01" " line. Simply change it to " $baseTexture "models\infected\hulk/Hulk_02" ". I already have this done.

For other skins, you will need to find its respective line. Also, if the file you downloaded contains more than one new skin element, you will need to make the other changes too.

Step 6: Lets Try Another.

This file has two lines that need changed.

This witch is just a little bit better :)

Step 7: Edit the BaseTexture Line

$baseTexture "models\infected\witch/witch" needs to be changed to $baseTexture "models\infected\witch/bitch"

then the next, for her hair.

$baseTexture "models\infected\witch/witch_hair" to $baseTexture "models\infected\witch/bitch_hair"

Step 8: Close All and Play L4D.

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If it works, have fun. If it doesn't, ask me, I might be able to help. Don't forget to make backups of the original game files. You don't want to screw it up without a plan B.

Step 9: Closing Notes.

This was not really made to help anyone, though I hope it does. It is very basic and only covers the bare minimum of installing Left 4 Dead skins. Most of the skins available have some sort of tutorial or readme similar to this instructable, and may be more helpful. I may later decide to come back and make this a little more thorough. BTW, if anyone needs it, ask me for help.

Also, can you help correct my grammatical errors if you find any? Or give me a suggestion as how to better this? kthxbai


NatsuD8 (author)2016-02-04

do you know what number in notepad++ the survivors are in?

gholz (author)2011-07-10

I'm definatly lost here... how do i find the original model?

dtot (author)2011-04-29

Help! I dont understand this part i think i jumped over it :P It says ''Now,copy the material file over'' Should i take the whole ''models'' which i have downloaded and copy it to the REAL models in the l4d files? HELP!

Father Christmas (author)dtot2011-04-29

All you have to do is literally copy the "Materials" folder and place it the left4dead/left4dead directory. There is a models folder both in that directory and in the materials folder. ONLY worry about the materials folder and replace all that is asks to.

gizmo_ult (author)2009-04-04

the thing i ahte about skinning you need to switch back when playing online

You shouldn't have to. When you edit the pak01_dir file, all you are doing is changing where the game searches your comp for the texture. I haven't ever had a problem with it.

DrWeird117 (author)2009-03-11

Why is that Tank green?

why not?

Your question is better than mine!:*(


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