This tutorial will show you how to install synthetic single ended dreads (loop dreads).

There are two main types of synthetic dreads:- Single ended dreads are a single dread with a loop at the top & Double ended dread one long section of hair that is dreaded at each end with small undreaded section in the middle, which is folded in half when installed.

I will show you the simplest way to install your dreads, while giving good scalp coverage.  Install dreads like a professional with this simple tutorial.. 

Step 1: You Will Need

Synthetic single ended dreads aprox 50-60, a tail or sectioning comb, snag bands (elastics), sectioning clips, and a latch hook (crochet needle).
<p>Hi! I was wondering if there is any other way to tie them off without using rubberbands?</p>
Is it okay to leave these in and wash your hair with them in?
<p>Hello, Im so glad you found this instructable to be helpful. xxx</p>
Yay. Thank you. I lost the instruction sheet that came with my extensions and the only things I could find online about adding these was how-tos on how to add them to your existing dreads. <br> <br>:D

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