Have you ever needed to install an OS on a computer with no CD drive? Didn't want to waste a CD to try out the new OS you just downloaded? This instructable will show how to make a bootable USB flash drive to install the Ubuntu Linux operating system from it.

Step 1: Inventory!!

Okay, so here is what you need:

1 USB stick
1 ISO image or CD of the latest version of Ubuntu Linux
1 computer with Ubuntu Linux already installed (and with a USB port :-) )
1 computer to install Ubuntu Linux on

Once you have the above, you are ready to start (yeah, really :-) )
what size usb do you need would a 2gb work
Yes, normally an ISO image downloaded from the Ubuntu website is less than 700MB, so a 2GB usb drive is enough.
ok thank you so much also a great tutorial
Nice 'ible drresearch :-) I to like Cyberscann54 am a bit of a noob to Linux and have already re-installed Ubuntu 10.10 once on my pc so having it on a usb stick would be very handy.
Thank You for this guide I am still new to Linux and I sometimes install the wrong things that mess up my computer to the point where it wont boot past the loading screen and installing from a usb flash drive is a lot faster and reliable so I can be back up and running in a 1/3 of the time

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