Step 2: Backup your USB stick

The contents of the USB stick will be wiped out, therefore if you anything important on it you will need to back it up. Yeah, there really is no need to have a guide for that. Just copy all important stuff and make sure you don't forget anything.
what size usb do you need would a 2gb work
Yes, normally an ISO image downloaded from the Ubuntu website is less than 700MB, so a 2GB usb drive is enough.
ok thank you so much also a great tutorial
Nice 'ible drresearch :-) I to like Cyberscann54 am a bit of a noob to Linux and have already re-installed Ubuntu 10.10 once on my pc so having it on a usb stick would be very handy.
Thank You for this guide I am still new to Linux and I sometimes install the wrong things that mess up my computer to the point where it wont boot past the loading screen and installing from a usb flash drive is a lot faster and reliable so I can be back up and running in a 1/3 of the time

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